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Contralto Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

Contralto Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

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The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs was designed to give a chronological anthology of solo song from the lutenists to the mid 20th century. One volume per voice - soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone & bass, + piano accompaniment. Original-language lyrics, + translated English lyrics where that's NOT the original language...

CONTRALTO: Set for Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 7 (Group B: Harty) & LRSM (Mezzo-Soprano / Alto / Countertenor: Harty) & ATCL (Mezzo-Soprano / Alto / Countertenor: Handel - Cara Sposa). 

Beethoven - Praise of God, The / Ehre Gottes aus der Natur, Die: Ab (ab-eb")

Brahms - Love Triumphant / Von ewiger Liebe: B minor (a-f#"), Night in May, A / Mainacht, Die: Eb (bb-fb") & Sapphic Ode / Sapphische Ode, op.94 no.4: F (c'-f")

Britten arr. - O can ye sew cushions: Eb (bb-eb")

Caldara - As a sunbeam at morn / Come raggio di sole: D minor (b-d")

Campian - Oft have I sighed: D minor (d'-d")

Elgar - Where Corals Lie [Sea Pictures], op. 37 no. 4: D (a#/d'-d")

Gluck - Author of all my joys / O del mio dolce ardor [Paride ed Elena]: D minor (a-e")

Gounod - Serenade / Quand tu chantes: Eb (bb-eb")

Handel - Dearest Consort / Cara Sposa [Rinaldo]: E minor (b-e"), How changed the vision / Cangio d'aspetto [Admeto]: D (b-d") & Verdant Meadow / Verdi Prati [Alcina]: E (c#'–e")

Harty - Sea Wrack: Bb (bb-eb")

Hatton - Enchantress, The: A minor (f#-e")

Haydn - Hark! what I tell to thee (Spirit's Song, The / Des Geistes Gesang) Hob.XXVIa/42: D minor (g-eb")

Howells - O, my deir hert (Cradle Song): A minor (b-e")

Liszt - Mignon's Song / Mignons Lied (Kennst du das Land): Eb (a-e")

Mendelssohn - Cradle Song / Bei der Wiege: A (e'-e")

Mozart - Adieu / Addio K anh.245: Eb (bb-c") & With a swanlike beauty gliding / Quando miro quel bel ciglio (An Chloe) K524: Bb (a-eb")

Rachmaninov - How few the joys: F# minor (g#-f#")

Scarlatti, A - Dewy Violets /Violette, Le [Il Pirro e Demetrio]: F (c'-d")

Scarlatti, D - Like any foolish moth I fly / Qual farfalletta Amante: G minor (d'-eb")

Schubert - Death and the Maiden / Tod und das Mädchen, Der: D minor (a-eb"), Litany / Litanei: D (b-d") & To Music / An die Musik: C (b-e")

Schumann - My soul is dark / Mein Herz ist schwer [Myrten]: E minor (a-f#")

Sullivan - Willow Song, The [Othello]: E (b-e")

Tchaikovsky - Nay though my heart should break / Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt (None but the lonely heart): Db (c'-f")

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