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Mezzo-Soprano Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

Mezzo-Soprano Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

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The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs was designed to give a chronological anthology of solo song from the lutenists to the mid 20th century. One volume per voice - soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone & bass, + piano accompaniment. Original-language lyrics, + translated English lyrics where that's NOT the original language...

MEZZO-SOPRANO Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 8 (List A: Handel - Here amid the shady woods) & Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Grade 5 (Group B: Quilter)

Arne - When daisies pied [As You Like It]: F (c'-f")

Beethoven - Know'st thou the land / Kennst du das Land: A (e'-f#")

Berlioz - Undiscovered Country, The / L'ile inconnue: F (db'-gb")

Bishop arr. Rowley - Deep in My Heart: Eb (eb'-g")

Brahms - Blacksmith, The / Schmied, Der: Bb (f'-f"), Parting / Muss es eine Trennung: G minor (f#'-f#") & Spring's Secret / Fruhling, Der: E (f#'-f")

Carey - Melmillo: B (e'-f#")

Dowland - Who ever thinks or hopes of love: F minor (f'-f")

Handel - Angels Ever Bright and Fair [Theodora] HWV68: A minor/Eb (c'-eb"), Dryads, Sylvans [Time and Truth]: Eb (bb-f") & Here amid the shady woods [Alexander Balus]: F (d'-f")

Haydn - My mother bids me bind my hair: A (e'-e") & Now the dancing sunbeams play (The Mermaid's Song) [6 Canzonettas]: C (c'-g")

Howells - Girls' Song: G (d'-e")

Mozart - Violet, The / Veilchen, Das K476: G (f#'-g")

Purcell - I attempt from love's sickness to fly [The Indian Queen]: Ab (d'-f") & Nymphs and Shepherds [Libertine, The]: F (c'-f")

Quilter - Dream Valley: Gb (eb'-gb")

Rachmaninov - To the Children / Aux enfants: F (e'-f")

Rosa - Let me linger near thee / Star Vicino: G (d'-d")

Schubert - Cradle Song / Wiegenlied: Ab (eb'-eb"), Peace / Du bist die Ruh': C (c'-f") & Wild Rose, The / Heiden Roslein: E (e'-e")

Schumann - Bride's Song, The / Lied der Braut: F (c'-f") & Somebody /Jemand: E minor (e'-g") [both Myrthenlieder]

Strauss, R - Alone in the Forest / Waldseligkeit: Gb (db'-gb")

Sullivan - Orpheus with his lute [Henry VIII]: A (c#'-f#"/a")

Taubert - In a Strange Land / In der Fremde: F minor (c'-f")

Wagner - Slumber Song / Dors, mon enfant [Trois Melodies]: F (d'-f")

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