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Oratorio Anthology, The - Soprano

Oratorio Anthology, The - Soprano

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This series of arias from the great oratorios is arranged for voice + piano accompaniment in 4 volumes, collected by voice range, ed. Richard Walters for Hal Leonard. Original language lyrics, + English translations where listed: some instrumental obbligato parts included, as listed.

SOPRANO: Set for Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Intermediate (Bach - Mein gläubiges Herze) & FTCL (Soprano: Mozart - Laudamus te

Bach, J.S. - Seufzer, Thranen, Kummer, Noth / Sighing, weeping: C minor (d'-ab") [Cantata 21]

Bach, J.S. - Mein gläubiges Herze / My heart ever faithful: F (f'-a") [Cantata 68]

Bach, J.S. - Quia respexit: B minor (d'-f#") [Magnificat] (Includes oboe part)

Bach, J.S. - Ich folge dir gleichfalls / I follow Thee also: Bb (d'-ab") (includes flute part) + Zerfliesse, mein Herze / My heart breaks: F minor (c'-ab") [St. John Passion]

Bach, J.S. - Blute nur, du liebes Herz / Bleed & break: B minor (e'-g") + Ich will dir mein Herze schenken / Lord, to Thee my heart is given: E minor (c'-g") [St. Matthew Passion]

Bach, J.S. - Nur ein Wink von seinem Handen / Naught against the power: A (c#'-a") [Christmas Oratorio].

Beethoven - Preist der Erlosers Gute / Praise, praise: G (e'-b") [Christ on the Mount of Olives: Seraph].

Fauré - Pie Jesu: Bb (eb'-f") [Requiem].

Handel - Tune the soft melodious lute: A (e'-a") [Jephtha: Iphis]

Handel - Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre: A (d#'-f#") [Joshua: Achsah]

Handel - O liberty, thou choicest treasure: A (d#'-e") [Judas Maccabaeus: Israelite Woman]

Handel - If God be for us: G minor (eb'-ab"), I Know That My Redeemer Liveth: E (e'-g#") + Rejoice greatly: Bb (e'-ab") [Messiah]

Handel - Let the Bright Seraphim: D (d'-a") [Samson: Israelite Woman] (includes trumpet part)

Haydn - Welche Labung fur die Sinne / O how pleasing: Bb (bb-bb") [Seasons, The: Hanne/Jane]

Haydn - Auf starkem Fittige / On mighty pens: F (eb'-bb") + Nun beut die Flur / With verdure clad: Bb (e'-bb") [Creation, The: Gabriel]

Haydn - Quis non posset: F (e'-a") [Stabat Mater].

Mendelssohn - Hear ye, Israel! / Hore Israel: B minor (e'-a#") [Elijah].

Mozart - Laudamus te: F (a-a") [Mass in C Minor]

Mozart - Laudate Dominum: F (d'-g") [Vesperae Solennes de Confessore]

Pergolesi - Cujus animam gementem: C minor (f'-ab") + Vidit suum dulcem natum: F minor (f'-ab") [Stabat Mater]

Purcell - Bid the Virtues: A minor (d'-a") [Come ye Sons of Art]

Rossini - Inflammatus et accensus: C minor (c'-c'") [Stabat Mater]

Vivaldi - Domine Deus: C (f'-f") [Gloria] (includes violin/oboe part).

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