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Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Baritone/Bass 3

Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Baritone/Bass 3

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A series of authentic collections presented in their original keys by voice type for voice + piano accompaniment, with songs from many of the best known shows - English lyrics only unless otherwise stated. Baritone/Bass: vol.3. Set for ABRSM Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 3 (List C: Gaston or Les Poissons), Grade 5 (List A: I don't remember you or Lost in the Darkness or mama, a Rainbow & List C: Me or Last One Picked), Grade 6 (List B: Kid Inside, The or Laughing Matters) & Grade 7 (List A: If I Sing or It's hard to speak my heart & List C: Devil You Know, The) & Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 5 (Group A: Mama, a Rainbow), Grade 6 (Group A: Isn't It? or All I care about or Lucky to be Me or Me), Grade 7 (Group A: If I Can't Love Her) & Grade 8 (Group A: If I sing)

All I Care About [Chicago: Billy]: D (A-f') - Kander & Ebb

As some day it may happen (Little List) [Mikado, The: Ko-Ko]: Eb (bb-eb”) - Sullivan

Baby Song, The [I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change]: D (c#'-d”) - Roberts

Bulls, The [Jacques Brel is Alive and Well]: A minor (d'-e”) – Jouannest, Brel & Corti

Come Back to Me [On a Clear Day You Can See Forever: Mark]: F (d'-e”) - Lane

Devil You Know, The [Side Show: Jake]: C minor (c'-gb”) - Kreiger

Don't Go [Cabaret: Cliff]: G (g-d”) - Kander & Ebb

Funeral Tango [Jacques Brel is Alive and Well]:C (d'-d”) - Jouannest

Gaston [Beauty and the Beast: LeFou]: C (b-e”) - Menken

Gigi [Gigi: Gaston]: Eb (b-e”) - Loewe

Greatest Star of All, The [Sunset Boulevard: Max]: E (b-gb”) - Lloyd Webber

Happily Ever After [Marry Me A Little]: F (c'-f”) - Sondheim

I Confess [Footloose: Rev. Moore]: E (f#-f”) - Snow

I Don't Remember You [Happy Time, The]: D (a-e”) - Kander & Ebb

I Hate Musicals [Ruthless: Lita]: A (e-b') - Laird

If I Can't Love Her [Beauty and the Beast: Beast]: C (B-f') - Menken

If I Sing [Closer than Ever]: A (A-f') - Maltby & Shire

In Every Age [Titanic]: D minor (a-g”) - Yeston

Isn't It? [Saturday Night: Gene/Helen]: D (a-e”) - Sondheim

It's Hard to Speak my Heart [Parade: Leo]: E (b-e”) - Brown

Justice will be done [Martin Guerre: Guillaume]: Bb (bb-g”) - Schšnberg

Kid Inside, The [Is There Life After High School?]: G (b-g”) - Carnelia

King's Dilemma [Victor/Victoria]: Eb (c'-f”) - Mancini

Last One Picked [Whoop Dee Doo!]: F (bb-eb”) - Gallagher

Laughing Matters [When Pigs Fly: Jay]: Bb (f-c”) - Gallagher

Les Poissons [Little Mermaid, The: Chef]: G (bb-a') - Menken

Lost in the Darkness [Jekyll and Hyde: Dr. Jekyll]: G# minor (g#-e”) - Wildhorn

Lucky to be Me [On the Town: Gabe]: F (bb-f"/g") - Bernstein

Mama, a rainbow [Minnie's Boys: Harpo]: A (a-e”) - Grossman

Me [Beauty and the Beast: Gaston]: E (B-f' - Menken)

On a Clear Day [On a Clear Day You Can See For Ever: Mark]: G (a#-e”) - Lane

Paris by Night [Victor/Victoria: Toddy]: C minor (bb-eb”) - Mancini

Private Conversation [Side Show: Terry]: Eb (g-g”) - Kreiger

Rhyme for Angela, A [Firebrand of Florence, The: Cellini]: C (c'-e") - Weill

Sadder but Wiser Girl, The [Music Man, The: Harold]: C (c'-e”) - Willson

Sam and Me [When Pigs Fly: David]: C (c'-eb”) - Gallagher

Santa Fe [Newsies: Jack]: Bb (a-f”) - Menken

Smile: Gb (db'-eb”) - Hamlisch

There She is [Titanic]: F (c'-e”) - Yeston

What Kind of Fool Am I? [Stop the World - I Want to Get Off: Littlechap]: Db (ab-f”/gb”) - Briceusse

Where was I When They Passed Out the Luck? [Minnie's Boys]: G (g-f”) - Grossman

You Should Be Loved [Side Show: Jake]: D (e'-f”) - Kreiger

Tags: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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