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Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Baritone/Bass 2

Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Baritone/Bass 2

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A series of authentic collections presented in their original keys by voice type for voice + piano accompaniment, with songs from many of the best known shows - English lyrics only unless otherwise stated. Baritone/Bass: vol.2. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List C: Leaning on a lamp-post), Grade 7 (List E: Luck be a lady or Stars) & Grade 8 (List E: Empty chairs at empty tables) & Singing for Musical Theatre Grade 4 (List A: Pilate's Dream), Grade 5 (List A: Leaning on a lamp-post & List C: Wouldn't You Like to be on Broadway?), Grade 7 (List B: Ilona) & Grade 8 (List A: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables & List C: In Praise of Women) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 5 (Group A: Pilate's Dream or Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The), Grade 6 (Group A: Luck be a Lady or Promises, Promises) & Grade 7 (Group A: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables or Good Thing Going or Stars).

All at Once You Love Her [Pipe Dream: Doc]: Eb (bb-c”)- Rodgers

All of My Life [Do Re Mi: Hubie]: C (c'-e”)- Styne

All of You [Silk Stockings]: Eb (bb-eb”) - Porter

All Through the Night [Anything Goes: Billy]: Eb (bb-eb”) - Porter

Bye Bye Baby [Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Gus]: Bb (a-eb”) - Styne

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables [Les Miserables: Marius] C (A-g')- Schonberg

Fate [Kismet: The Poet]: D minor (a-e”)- Wright & Forrest after Borodin

Girl That I Marry, The [Annie Get Your Gun: Frank]: Bb (bb-d”) - Berlin

Good Thing Going [Merrily We Roll Along: Charley]: F (c-f')- Sondheim

Guido's Song [Nine]: C (g#-g”)- Yeston

Highest Judge of All, The [Carousel: Billy]: G (d'-g”) - Rodgers

I Want What I Want When I Want It [Mlle. Modiste]: Bb (c'-f”) - Herbert

I Won't Send Roses [Mack and Mabel: Mack]: C (g-d") - Herman

I'll Never Say No [Unsinkable Molly Brown, The: Johnny]: Db (db'-f”) - Willson

Ilona [She Loves Me: Kodaly]: C (c'-e”) - Bock

In Praise of Women [Little Night Music, A: Carl-Magnus]: F (c'-f”)- Sondheim

It's All Right With Me [Can-Can: Aristide]: C# minor (c#'-e”) - Porter

I've Come to Wive it Wealthily in Padua [Kiss Me, Kate: Petruchio]: Bb (bb-eb”/f”) - Porter

I've Grown Accustomed to her Face [My Fair Lady: Higgins]: C (a-b') - Loewe

Joey, Joey, Joey [Most Happy Fella, The: Joe]: Bb minor (c-f')- Loesser

Just in Time [Bells are Ringing: Jeff]: Bb (c#'-d”) - Styne

Leaning on a Lamp Post [Me and My Girl: Bill]: Bb (bb-e”) - Gay

Lonely Town [On the Town: Gabe]: Gb (db'-e") - Bernstein

Long Before I Knew You [Bells are Ringing: Jeff]: C (b-c”/d”)- Styne

Luck be a Lady [Guys and Dolls: Sky]: Db (db'-eb") - Loesser

Man I Used To Be, The [Pipe Dream: Doc]: Ab (c-eb”) - Rodgers

More I Cannot Wish You [Guys and Dolls: Arvide]: D (d'-d") - Loesser

My Defenses are Down [Annie Get Your Gun: Frank]: Bb (c'-eb”) - Berlin

My Name [Oliver!: Sykes]: D minor (c#'-d”) - Bart

My Time of Day [Guys and Dolls: Sky]: F (b-d”) - Loesser

Once in Love with Amy [Where's Charley?: Charley]: Eb (bb-bb') - Loesser

Only With You [Nine]: Eb (a-f”)- Yeston

Pilate's Dream [Jesus Christ Superstar]: Bb minor (A-bb) - Lloyd Webber

Promises, Promises [Promises, Promises: Chuck]: F (A-e') - Bacharach

Stars [Les Miserables:Javert]: E (B-e')- Schonberg

Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The [Oklahoma!: Curly]: E (d#'-e") - Rodgers

There's Nowhere to Go but Up [Knickerbocker Holiday: Brom Broeck/ Tenpin]: Eb (bb-eb”) - Weill

This Can't Be Love [Boys from Syracuse, The: Antipholus]: Ab (d'-f”)- Rodgers

Wouldn't You Like to be on Broadway? [Street Scene: Harry Easter]: G (d'-f”) - Weill

You're The Fairest Flower [Little Mary Sunshine: Captain Jim]: G (g-d”) - Besoyan

Tags: Singing Grade 6; Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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