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Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Tenor 1

Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Tenor 1

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A series of authentic collections presented in their original keys by voice type for voice + piano accompaniment, with songs from many of the best known shows - English lyrics only unless otherwise stated. Tenor: vol.1. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List C: On the Street Where You Live), Grade 7 (List E: Younger than Springtime) & Grade 8 (List E: All I Need is the Girl or Stranger in Paradise) & Singing for Musical Theatre Grade 5 (List A: On the Street Where You Live), Grade 7 (List A; Johanna or Younger than Springtime) & Grade 8 (List A: Being Alive or Lonely House or Stranger in Paradise & List B: Finishing the Hat or Someone is Waiting) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 6 (Group A: Not While I'm Around or You are Beautiful) & Grade 7 (Group A: Johanna) & Trinity Music Certificates: Singing Intermediate (Group A: On the street where you live or Younger than Springtime) & Singing Advanced (Group A, male: Being Alive or Finishing the Hat).

All I Need is the Girl [Gypsy: Tulsa]: Bb (eb'-g") - Styne

All Kinds of People [Pipe Dream: Doc]: Ab (eb'-eb") - Rodgers

Ballad of Billy M’'Caw, The [Cats: Growltiger]: E (b-g#") - Lloyd Webber

Being Alive [Company: Bobby]: Eb (f'-g#") - Sondheim

Big Black Giant, The [Me and Juliet: Larry]: Eb (d'-eb") - Rodgers

Breeze Kissed Your Hair, The [Cat and the Fiddle, The: Victor]: F (c'-g") - Kern

Come With Me [Boys from Syracuse, The]: F (c'-g"/a") - Rodgers

Fanny [Fanny: Marius]: G (d'-g"/b") - Rome

Fifty Million Years Ago [Celebration: Orphan]: F (eb'-f") - Schmidt

Finishing the Hat [Sunday in the Park With George: George]: Gb (bb-ab") - Sondheim

I Am in Love [Can-Can: Aristide]: G (d'-g") - Porter

I Could Write a Book [Pal Joey: Joey]: Db (eb'-eb") - Rodgers

I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You [Two By Two: Japeth]: Gb (db'-gb") - Rodgers

If You Could See Her [Cabaret: MC]: Gb (db'-ab") - Kander & Ebb

Johanna (Sweeney Todd: Anthony): Eb (c-eb') - Sondheim

Kansas City [Oklahoma!: Will]: Ab (eb'-f") - Rodgers

King Herod'’s Song [Jesus Christ Superstar]: A (c#'-g") - Lloyd Webber

Ladies in their Sensitivities [Sweeney Todd: Beadle]: A (d'-a") - Sondheim

Lonely House [Street Scene: Sam]: Eb (f'-bb") - Weill

Love, I Hear [Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A: Hero]: G (b-f#") - Sondheim

Make Someone Happy [Do Re Mi]: F (c'-f") - Styne

Many Moons Ago [Once Upon a Mattress: Minstrel]: D (d'-g#") - Rodgers, M

New Love is Old, A [Cat and the Fiddle, The: Victor]: Gb (db'-gb") - Kern

Not While I’'m Around [Sweeney Todd: Toby]: Ab (eb–abÕ) - Sondheim

Only Home I Know, The [Shenandoah: Corporal]: F (d'-f") - Geld

On the Street Where You Live [My Fair Lady: Freddy]: C (c'-f"/g") - Loewe

Seeing is Believing [Aspects of Love: Alex]: G (bb-ab") - Lloyd Webber

Sitting Pretty [Cabaret: MC]: F (e'-g") - Kander & Ebb

Someone is Waiting [Company: Bobby]: F# (c#'-f#"/a") - Sondheim

Stranger in Paradise [Kismet: Caliph]: G (eb'-ab") - Wright & Forrest after Borodin

That's the Way it Happens [Me and Juliet: Larry]: Ab (eb'-f") - Rodgers

Wand'ring Minstrel I, A [Mikado, The: Nanki-Poo]: F (e'-g") - Sullivan

When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love [Finian's Rainbow: Og]: Db (c'-eb") - Lane

Wild Justice, The [Lost in the Stars: Leader]: C minor (d'-ab") - Weill

Wish You Were Here [Wish You Were Here Chick]: Ab (eb'-ab") - Rome

You are Beautiful [Flower Drum Song: Wang Ta]: F (eb-g') - Rodgers

You are Never Away [Allegro: Joe]: G (b-g") - Rodgers

You're Devastating [Roberta: Huck]: Eb (bb-f") - Kern

You've Got to be Carefully Taught [South Pacific: Cable]: G (e'-e") - Rodgers

Younger than Springtime [South Pacific: Cable]: F (e'-g") - Rodgers

Tags: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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