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Library of Folk Songs, The

Library of Folk Songs, The

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Favourite folk songs from around the world arranged for voice / piano (2 staves, with the piano part incorporating the melody), + chord indications. Edited by Amy Appleby for AMSCO, 1999, & arranged into 6 themed sections - Love & Longing, Fun & Dancing, Holidays & Celebrations, Quiet Times & Faraway Places, Soldiers, Sailors & Cowboys, and Faith & Freedom. English lyrics only - exceptions listed.

Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: Home on the Range) & Grade 3 (List A; Believe me, if all those endearing young charms) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Initial (Kumbayah), Grade 1 (Group C: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean), Grade 2 (Group C: Coventry Carol or Go, Tell it on the Mountain or The Lark in the Morn), Grade 3 (Group C: Shenandoah or Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) & Grade 4 (Group B: Lass of Richmond Hill, The)..

Amazing Grace – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-d")

Angels We Have Heard on High - Trad. French: F (c'-d")

Annie Laurie – Trad. Scottish: C (c'-e")

Ash Grove, The (Llwyn Onn) – Trad. Welsh: G (c'-e")

Auld Lang Syne – Trad. Scottish: F (c'-d")

Away, Rio – Trad. Shanty: Eb (eb'-eb")

Barbara Allen - Trad. English: D (a-d")

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Mine Eyes have seen the Glory) - Trad. USA: G (b-b')

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms – Trad. Irish: F (f'-f")

Bendemeer's Stream - Trad. Irish: F (c'-c")

Big Rock Candy Mountain, The - Trad. USA: F (c'-f")

Blow the Man Down - Trad. Shanty: F (c'-d")

Blue Tail Fly, The - Trad. USA: F (c'-d")

Bluebells of Scotland, The – Trad. Scottish: Eb (eb'-eb")

Breeze, The - Trad. Mexican: G minor (c#'-g")

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella – Trad. French (Burgundy): G (d'-d")

British Grenadiers, The - Trad. English: G (d'-e")

Careless Love - Trad. USA: F (c'-d")

Charlie is my Darling – Trad. Scottish: D minor (d'-f")

Chiapanecas - Trad. Mexican: F (e'-f")

Cockles and Mussels – Trad. Irish: G (d'–d")

Comin' Through the Rye – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-e")

Coventry Carol - Anon. 14th c.: D minor (c#'–a')

Crawdad Song, The - Trad. USA: F (c'-d")

Cuckoo, The - Trad. English: F (c'-d")

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) – Trad. Irish: F (d'-a")

Deck the Halls (Nos Galan) – Trad. Welsh: F (e'-f")

Deep River – Trad. Spiritual: C (a-c")

Derby Ram, The - Trad. English: C (c'-e")

Dona Nobis Pacem - Trad. German (3-part canon): F (c'-c") - Latin lyrics only

Down in the Valley - Trad. USA: G (d'-d")

Early One Morning - Trad. English: F (c'-f")

Eileen Alannah – Trad. Irish: G (d'-e")

Erie Canal, The - Trad. USA: F (c'-c")

First Noel, The - Trad. English: D (d'-d")

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-e")

Foggy, Foggy Dew, The - Trad. English: G (d'-c")

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - Trad. English: F (f'-d")

Fox, The - Trad. USA: D (c#'-b')

Frankie and Johnny - Trad. USA: C (c'-d")

Froggy Went A-courtin' - Trad. English: F (c'-d")

Fum, Fum, Fum - Trad. Spanish: A minor (e'-d")

Girl I Left Behind Me, The - Trad. Irish: F (d'-f")

Git on Board, Little Children - Trad. Spiritual: Bb (f'-d")

Go Down, Moses - Trad. Spiritual: A minor (e'-e")

Go, Tell it on the Mountain - Trad. Spiritual: F (c'–d")

Good King Wenceslas [Piae Cantiones 1582] - Trad. (Swedish?): G (d'-d")

Grand Old Duke of York, The - Trad. English: G (b-c")

Green Bushes, The - Trad. English: D (a-d")

Greensleeves - Trad. English (attrib. Henry VIII): E minor (b-d")

Hammock, The - Trad. Mexican: G minor (d'-eb")

Hanukkah Song - Trad. Israeli: D minor (d'-d")

Hatikvoh - Trad. Israeli: E minor (b-e") - Hebrew lyrics only

Havah Nagilah - Trad. Israeli: A minor (d'-e")

He is Born (Il est nŽ) - Trad. French: G (d'-e")

Here We Come a-Wassailing - Trad. English: C (b-c")

He's Got the Whole World in his Hand - Trad. Spiritual: D (d'-b')

Hokey Pokey, The (Hokey/Cokey Cokey) - Trad. USA: G (d'-g')

Holly and the Ivy, The - Trad. English: F (c'-d")

Home on the Range - Trad. USA: G (d'-d")

Hundred Pipers, The – Trad. Scottish: F (c'-f")

I Know Where I'm Goin' – Trad. Scottish: F (d'-c")

I Ride an Old Paint - Trad. USA: G (d'-b')

I Saw Three Ships - Trad. English: Eb (bb-bb')

In Stilly Night - Trad. German: Eb (e'-f")

I've Been Workin' on the Railroad - Trad. USA: G (d'-e")

Jesucita, La - Trad. Mexican: G (d'-d")

Jingle Bells - Pierpont: G (d'-d")

John Peel - Trad. English: C (b-c")

Juanita - Trad. Spanish: Eb (bb-eb")

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - Trad. Spiritual: A minor (g-c")

Kerry Dance, The – Trad. Irish: C (a-d")

Killarney – Trad. Irish: G (d'-g")

Kum Ba Yah - Trad. (African?) : C (c'–a')

Lark in the Morn, The - Trad. English: G (d'–e")

Lass of Richmond Hill, The / Sweet - Trad. English: G (a–d")

Last Rose of Summer, The – Trad. Irish: Eb (eb'-eb")

Let Us Break Bread Together - Trad. Spiritual: F (c'-f")

Li'l Liza Jane - Trad. USA: C (c'-c")

Loch Lomond – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-e")

Look Down that Lonesome Road - Trad. Spiritual: D (d'-b')

Lovely Evening - Trad. USA (3-part round): F (f'-d")

Marseillaise, La - Trad. French: G (d'-e") - French & English lyrics

Mary Had a Baby - Trad. Spiritual: Eb (bb-eb")

Men of Harlech / Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech – Trad. Welsh: A (e'-f#") - Geiriau Cymraeg & Saesneg/Welsh & English lyrics.

Michael, Row The Boat Ashore - Trad. Spiritual: C (c'-a")

Minstrel Boy, The – Trad. Irish: F (c'-f")

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean - Trad. English : Bb (d'–d")

My Bonnie, Bonnie Boy – Trad. Scottish: D minor (d'-d")

Nobody Knows the Trouble I See - Trad. Spiritual: G (d'-d")

O Du Lieber Augustine - Trad. German: G (d'-e") - English & German lyrics

O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) - Trad. German: F (c'-d")

Oh Freedom - Trad. Spiritual: G (d'-e")

Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be? - Trad. English: Eb (eb'-eb")

Old Chisholm Trail, The - Trad. USA: G (d'-b')

Old Rosin, the Beau - Trad. English: F (c'-f")

On Top of Old Smoky - Trad. USA: F (a-c")

Over the River and Through the Wood - Trad. USA: C (c'-c")

Pat-a-pan (Willie, Bring your Little Drum) - Trad. Burgundian: F (d'-a")

Paw-paw Patch - Trad. USA: F (c'-c")

Polly-Wolly-Doodle - Trad. USA: F (e'-d")

Red River Valley - Trad. USA: F (c'-c")

Riddle Song, The (I gave my love a cherry) - Trad. USA: F (c'-d")

Roamin' in the Gloamin' – Trad. Scottish: F (c'-d")

Roast Beef of Old England, The - Trad. English: Bb (bb-eb")

Santa Lucia - Trad. Italian: C (d'-e")

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain - Trad. USA: G (b-d")

Shenandoah - Trad. Shanty: F (c'–f")

Skye Boat Song – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-d")

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child - Trad. Spiritual: D minor (a-d")

St. Patrick's Day – Trad. Irish: F (c'-f")

Steal Away to Jesus - Trad. Spiritual: F (f'-d")

Stodola Pumpa - Trad. Czech: Bb (d'-d")

Streets of Laredo, The - Trad. USA: F (c'-c")

Sweet and Low - Trad. USA: C (e'-d")

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Trad. Spiritual: G (d'–e")

Thanksgiving Hymn - Trad. Dutch: C (c'-e")

There's a Hole in the Bucket - Trad. USA: G (d'-b')

Tom Dooley - Trad. USA: G (d'-b')

Tum-balalayka - Trad. Yiddish: B minor (b-d")

Twelve Days of Christmas, The - Trad. English: F (c'-d")

Vive L'amour (Vive la compagnie) - Trad. French: G (b-c")

We May Roam Through This World - Trad. English: D (d'-f#")

We Shall Overcome - Trad. Spiritual: C (c'-d")

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Trad. English: G (d'-d")

Wearing of the Green, The – Trad. Irish: F (c'-f")

When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Trad. USA: G (b-b')

When the Saints Go Marching In - Trad. Spiritual: F (f'-d")

Worried Man Blues - Trad. USA: G (d'-b')

Yankee Doodle - Trad. USA: G (c'-c")

Ye Banks and Braes – Trad. Scottish: G (d'-e")

Yellow Rose of Texas, The - Trad. USA: C (e'-f")

You, You, In My Heart Living - Trad. German: D (c#'-d")

Tags: Singing Grade 2; Singing Grade 3; Singing Grade 4

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