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Sonsense Nongs - Silly Songs for children

Sonsense Nongs - Silly Songs for children

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Michael Rosen's favourite silly songs - with acrobatic actions, rappy rhymes and an orchestra of annoying noises. The songs are excellent for improving both literacy and singing skills, and the book comes complete with a singalong CD. ACBlack, 2001 (2nd edition). 

Apples and Bananas - Trad.

Are You Pink and Green? - Bose, Isenberg, Klich, Ryan and Borhara, Moss Hall Junior School

Back Chat - Rosen

Back Slang - Rosen

Bathtub Song, The - Trad.

Biggest Aspidistra in the World, The - Harper, Jimmy

Black Socks - Trad.

Bugs Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me - Trad.

Busy Day - Rosen

Checkmate - Trad.

Court of King Caractacus, The - Harris, Rolf

Do your Ears Hang Low? - Trad.

Down Came The Rain - Murray, Mitch

Down in the Valley Where Nobody Goes - Rosen

Dunderbeck - Trad.

Ellery, My Son - Trad.

Everybody's Doing It - Trad.

Five Little Monkeys - Trad.

Flash Bang Wallop [Half a Sixpence] - Heneker, David

Flies Crawl up the Window, The - Ellis, Vivian

Found a Peanut - Trad.

Frankenstein - Trad.

Frog Song - Trad.

German Measles, The - Trad. English

Ging Gang Gooli - Trad.

G-nu, A - Swann, Donald

Gunerania's Wedding Cake - Soulsby, Robert and Class 1S, Brookvale Junior School

Hi! My Name's Joe - Trad.

High Hopes - Rosen

Hobble Gobble Wobble - Rosen

I Can't Do My Bally Bottom Button Up - Long, J.P.

I Had a Sausage - Trad.

I Love to do my Homework - Trad.

I'm a Little Wrong Note - Aksey, Arthur

In Frisco Bay there lives a Whale - Trad. North American

'Itched Up - Trad.

Jelly Belly - Trad.

Jibber Jabber - Gosling, Peter

Joe's Got a Head Like a Ping-pong Ball - Trad. after Rossini

Little Rabbit Foo Foo - Trad.

Lollipop Song, The - Trad.

Lord Jim - Trad.

Mamma, Will You Buy me a Banana? - Trad.

My Old Banjo - Trad.

My Old Man's A Dustman - Trad.

'Neath the Crust of the Old Apple Pie - Trad. North American

Nel and Ned - Blance, Morag

No L - Trad.

Nobody Loves Me - Trad.

Nobody Nose - Umansky, Kaye

Oh Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny aff a Bus - Trad.

One Man Went to Mow - Trad.

Other Day I Met a Bear, The - Trad. North American

Over the Garden Wall - Trad.

Peanut Butter - Trad.

Plainsy R.I.P. - Trad.

Poor Old Man was Crossing the Road, A - Trad.

Purple People Eater - Wooley, Sheb

Quick Quick - Trad.

School Dinners - Trad.

Shark Song - Trad.

Socked - Trad.

Something's Drastic - Rosen

Star Trekkin' - Rosen

Stitched Up - Trad.

Susanna's a Funniful Cow - Trad.

Sylvest - Trad.

Tall Straw Hat - Trad. French

Tattie Soup - Trad.

Thing, The - Grean, Charles R.

Three Craws Sat Upon a Wa' - Trad. Scottish

Throw it out the Window - Trad.

Tiffy Taffy Toffee - Rosen, Michael

Trip to Morrow, A - Trad.

TV Dinners - Rosen

Undressed - Trad.

Washed Up - Trad.

When I Was a Wee Wee Tot - Trad.

Wizz Kings - Trad.

Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl out, The - Trad.

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