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Jesus Christ Superstar - Lloyd Webber - vocal selection

Jesus Christ Superstar - Lloyd Webber - vocal selection

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This revised and updated 2012 edition features 9 songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, with Lloyd Webber's ever popular tunes expertly arranged for voice and piano accompaniment, + chord symbols. With full lyrics, including the bridging sections not presented musically in this book.

Everything's Alright: E (g#-bb") - Mary Magdalene, Judas & Jesus

Heaven on their Minds: F (d'-c''') - Judas

Hosanna: G (c'-a") - Caiaphas, Jesus & Ensemble

I Don't Know How to Love Him: D (a-c") - Mary Magdalene

I Only Want to Say (Gethsemane): Db (bb-ab”) - Jesus

King Herod's Song: A (c#'-g")

Last Supper, The: G (e'-e') - Apostles

Pilate's Dream: Bb minor (a-bb')

Superstar: C (c'-a") - Judas & Ensemble

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