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Classical Tunes for the Irish Harp vol.1 - ed. van Campen

Classical Tunes for the Irish Harp vol.1 - ed. van Campen

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Despite the title, this collection by Ank van Campen mostly arranges traditional Welsh & Irish tunes for non-pedal harp at an easy level. Broekmans & van Poppel, 1972

Ar Hyd y Nos / All through the night – Trad. Welsh

Baltighoran – Trad. Irish

Blossom of the Raspberry, The – Trad. Irish

Bonny Cuckoo, The – Trad. Irish

Butterfly, The – Trad. Irish

Cariad y Bardd / Bard's Love, The – Trad. Welsh

Castle O'Neil – Trad. Irish

Dafydd y Garreg Wen / David of the White Rock – Trad. Welsh

Dennis don't be Threat'ning – Trad. Irish

Deryn Pur, Y / Dove, The – Trad. Welsh

Fwyalchen, Y / Blackbird, The – Trad. Welsh

Gavotte - Handel

Hela'r sgfarnog / Hunting the Hare – Trad. Welsh

I Wisgo Aur-Goron / Now Strike the Harp Gladly – Trad. Welsh

If the Cat had Gold – Trad. Irish

Irish Jigg – Trad. Irish

Irish Lullaby – Trad. Irish

Irish Lullaby, An – Trad. Irish

Menuet - Lully

Menuet (Noch dag noch nacht) - Krieger

Napolitaine - Telemann

Open the Door Softly – Trad. Irish

Pant Corlan yr Wyn / Let now the Harp – Trad. Welsh

Prelude - Purcell

Rigaudon - Daquin

Syr Harri Ddu / Black Sir Harry – Trad. Welsh

Variations on a Welsh Carol - Van Campen

Wrth Edrych yn ol / Why Lingers my gaze? – Trad. Welsh

Young Bridget – Trad. Irish

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