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Sing a Christmas Cracker - Sebba, ed.

Sing a Christmas Cracker - Sebba, ed.

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This wonderfully illustrated book contains 20 great non-religious Christmas songs arranged for school use by A.C. Black, 2007, ed. Jane Sebba. The music in this book has been arranged into keys that can be easily sung, + piano accompaniment & guitar chord indications: many have optional duet parts for 2nd voice. This book also comes with a CD which contains backing tracks for all of the songs in the book.

Christmas calypso - Evans, Colin (duet): G (c#'-d")

Christmas chopsticks - Heider, Fred: C (e'-e")

Christmas lullaby - Brahms arr. Sebba: D (d'-d")

Christmas on the beach at Waikiki - Keen, Marta Lynn (duet): G (c'-d")

Christmas song, The (Chestnuts roasting / Merry Christmas to you) - Torme: D (c#'-d")

Good time Christmas - Silva, Victy (duet): G (b-c")

Happiest time of the year, The - Sams, Jeremy: C (c'-d")

Have yourself a merry little Christmas [Meet me in St Louis] - Blane: Bb (bb-eb")

Himalayan Abominable Snowman Blues, The - Stoll, David: D minor (a-d")

I'm a little Christmas cracker - Lee, Cosy (duet): F (c'-e")

Jingle-bell rock - Beal & Booth: C (d'-d")

New Year's resolution, A - Smith, David P. (duet): D (a-b')

Silver sleigh ride, The - Webb & Newell: C (d'-c")

Sing a song of Christmas cheer, Sanderson, Ana: F (c'-d"/f")

Something told the wild geese - Field, Rachel: C (c'-e")

Song of the winter wind, The - Williams, Chris: D minor (c'-d")

This must be Christmas Day - Sams, Jeremy: C (c'-e")

Tree of light - Marsh, Lin (duet): G (d'-d")

Troika - Sebba, Jane (duet): D (a-d")

Winter sport - Simmons, Alan (duet): D (d'-d")

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