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Keynotes - piano repertoire Grades 3-4

Keynotes - piano repertoire Grades 3-4

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Keynotes - essential piano repertoire from across the ages at Grades 3-4 standard from Faber is edited by John Lenehan. Set for Trinity Music Certificates: Piano Foundation (Scarlatti or Sculthorpe) & Piano Intermediate (Franck)

Bach, C.P.E. - Andante

Bach, W.F. - Allegro

Bartok – Shepherd, The [For Children]

Beethoven - Bagatelle in C Minor op.119 no.5

Brahms - Waltz in D Minor op.39 no.9

Chopin - Mazurka in Bb op.7 no.2

Franck - Adagio [3 Early Pieces]

Grieg - Norwegian Dance [Lyric Pieces Book 4, op.47: no.4]

Gurlitt - Turkish March [Albumleaves for the Young op.101: no.9]

Handel - Sarabande [Suite in D Minor]

Haydn - Minuet [Sonata in A no.33]

Lenehan – In a dream

Mendelssohn - Consolation op.30 no.3

Scarlatti, D - Sonata in G

Sculthorpe - Sea Chant [2 Easy Pieces]

Shostakovitch - Prelude [Gadfly, The]

Tchaikovsky - Sweet Dreams [Album for the Young op.39: no.21]

Wallen, Errollyn - Pizza with Kristin [Fingerprints]

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