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Old Tunes for New Harpists - Dilling, ed.

Old Tunes for New Harpists - Dilling, ed.

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Traditional tunes from around the world + some classics arranged by Mildred Dilling (a pupil of legendary harpist Henriette Renié) for beginner harpists (pedal or lever), progressing within the volume from first very easy pieces to about Grade 2 standard. Includes helpful introductory notes to the harp, & lyrics to the folksongs. Ditson/Presser, 1934.

Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman (Twinkle, Twinkle: Trad. French)

Aloha Oe / Farewell - Lili`uokalani, HM Queen of Hawai`i

Amaryllis "Air du Roi" - attrib. Louis XIII – Ghys, Henry, transcribed

As I went A-walking (Trad. Irish)

Au Clair de la Lune (Trad. French)

Bagpipe Tunes, Two (I. Trad. Scottish - White Cockade, The. II. Trad. Bohemian)

Bagpipes, The (Trad. Bohemian)

Blow Away the Morning Dew (Trad. English)

Breton Dancing Tune (Trad. Breton)

Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella (Trad. French Carol)

Bugle Call (Trad. Army Tune)

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (Trad. German)

Campbells are Comin', The (Trad. Scottish)

Chimes of St. Paul's, The (Trad. English)

Christ Child's Lullaby, The (Trad. French Carol)

Cornish Dance (Floral / Furry Dance: Trad. Cornish)

Country Dance (Trad. Swedish)

Cradle Song (Trad. Russian)

Cuckoo (Trad. Danish)

Cuckoo, Cuckoo (Trad. German)

Dance Song (Trad. Swedish)

David of the White Rock / Dafydd y Garreg Wen (Trad. Welsh)

Deep River (Trad. Spiritual)

Do, Do, l'Enfant Do (Trad. French )

Early One Morning (Trad. English)

Elfin Dance (Trad. German)

Evening Song (Trad. German)

Fairest Lord Jesus (Trad. Crusader's Hymn)

Fais Dodo (Trad. French)

First Noel, The (Trad.)

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Trad. Scottish)

Frere Jacques (Trad. French)

Gaily the Troubadour - Bayly, Thomas H.

Gentil Coquelicot (Trad. French)

Go Down, Moses (Trad. Spiritual)

Going to the Fair (Trad. Irish)

Good King John (Trad. English)

Goodbye to Winter (Trad. German)

Green Gravel (Trad. English)

Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls, The (Trad. Irish)

Henne, Die / Hen, The (Trad. German)

Hop, Hop, Hop (Trad. German)

Hot Cross Buns (Trad. English)

How Many Miles to London Town? (Trad. English)

I Hear the Mill (Trad. French Canadian)

If I were a Nightingale (Trad. English)

Il Ètait un' Bergere (Trad. French)

Il Pleut, Il Pleut, Bergere (duet for two harps) (Trad. French)

Jasmine Flower, The (Trad. Chinese)

John Anderson, my Jo (Trad. Scottish)

King David and His Harp (Trad. French Carol)

King of France, The (Trad. French)

Lavender's Blue (Trad. English)

Little Goose Girl's Song, The (Susie, little Susie: Trad. German arr. Humperdinck)

Little Waltz (Trad. German)

London Bridge (Trad. English)

Londonderry Air (Trad. Irish)

Lullaby (Trad. Basque)

March of the Kings (Trad. French - Provencale)

Meunier, Tu Dors (Trad. French)

Minstrel Boy, The (Trad. Irish)

No‘l de Cluny (Trad. French)

Nous n'irons plus au Bois (Trad. French)

Oh, Dear! What can the Matter Be? (Trad. English)

Old Christmas Carol (Trad. Bohemian)

Old English Country Dance (Trad. English)

Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) - Foster

Polish Dance (Trad. Polish)

Pussy Cat (Trad. English)

Reaping Song (Trad. Swedish)

Robin Adair (Trad. Scottish)

Santa Lucia (Trad. Neapolitan)

Savez-vous Planter les Choux? (Trad. French)

Sedlak (Trad. Czechoslovakian

Shepherd's Carol (Trad. Basque)

Silent Night, Holy Night - Gruber

Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Trad. German)

Soldier's Joy, The (Trad. Irish)

Song of the River (Trad. French)

Song of the Volga Boatmen (Trad. Russian)

Song of the Watch (Past Three O'Clock: Trad. English)

Spinning Song (Trad. Danish)

Spinning Tune (Trad. Kashmiri)

Spring Song (Trad. German)

Sur le Pont d'Avignon (Trad. French)

Swedish Dance (Trad. Swedish)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Trad. Spiritual)

Theme from the "Surprise" Symphony - Haydn

Westminster Chimes (Trad. English)

When I Was a Young Girl (Trad. English Singing Game)

Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O!, The (Trad. English)

Yellow Bird (Trad. German)

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