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Lang Lang - Mastering the Piano - Level 3

Lang Lang - Mastering the Piano - Level 3

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This 2014 series of piano coaching books by master performer Lang Lang in his"Piano Academy" series from Faber Music comprises 5 progressive volumes which feature a range of materials for pianists of all levels. As well as specially-composed exercises, this third volume includes:

Bach, J.S. (attrib.) – Little prelude in C BWV939

Beethoven (attrib.) – Romanze [Sonatina in G]

Bertini – Etudes op.100 no.14 + op.166 no.18

Bullard, Alan – Chant of the Cree; Scalic scherzo

Burgmuller – Consolation + L'harmonie des anges op.100 nos.21 + 13

Carroll – By crystal stream

Czerny – Study in D op.599 no.50

Gounod – Les pifferari / Italian Bagpipers, The

Grieg – Cradle Song op.66 no.7

Handel – Air [Water Music]; Sarabande [Suite in D minor]

Hindson, Matthew – Xmas Bells

Kabalevsky – Clowns op.39 no.20

Karganoff – Prayer op.25 no.5

Kohler – Study op.256 no.13

Loeschhorn – Study in F

Rathgeber – Vivace in A

Robles – El condor pasa

Schumann – Wild Horsemen, The [Album for the Young op.68]

Tchaikovsky – Old French song [Album for the Young op.39]

Trad. arr. Bullard, Alan – Hua hao yue yuan / Full moon, blooming flowers (China)

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