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Recorder from the Beginning Tune Book 3

Recorder from the Beginning Tune Book 3

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Supplementary material, carefully graded to correspond with the course books by John Pitts. Provides extra solo and duet material.

Cielito Lindo – trad. Mexican (duet)

Come and Sing Together – trad. Hungarian (2-part canon)

Cradle Song – Brahms (duet)

Czech Polka – Strauss, J II

Down By the Riverside – trad. Spiritual

Drink to Me Only – trad. (duet)

Fear No Danger [Dido & Aeneas] – Purcell (duet)

Gavotte – Handel (duet)

Gay Gordons – trad. Scottish

Greensleeves – trad.

I Gave My Love a Cherry – trad.

Landler - Schubert (duet)

Largo – Corelli (duet)

Las Heras Beguine – Pitts (duet)

Mingulay Boat Song – trad.

Minuet - Handel

Music Alone Shall Live – trad. (round)

Passacaille – Handel (duet)

Pearly Adriatic, The – trad. (duet)

Portuguese Dance – trad. (duet)

Pretty Pena – trad. Mexican (duet)

Reapers, The – Schumann (duet)

Siciliana – Muffat (duet)

Sweet Betsy from Pyke – trad. USA

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – trad. Spiritual

Waters of Tyne, The – trad.

Weggis – trad. Swiss

We'll Rant and We'll Roar – trad. Shanty

Were You There? – trad. Spiritual

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