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Recorder from the Beginning Tune Book 2

Recorder from the Beginning Tune Book 2

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Supplementary material, carefully graded to correspond with the course books. Provides extra solo and duet material. Ideal for children who need more practice and for fast learners who need extra material to hold their interest.

Air - Chedeville (duet)

All Night, All Day - trad. Spiritual

All Through the Night (Ar hyd y nos) - trad. Welsh

Annie Laurie - trad. Scottish

Bella Bimba - trad. Italian

Can-can [Orpheus in the Underworld] - Offenbach

Cradle Song - Schubert

Cwm Rhondda - Hughes

Do Di Li - trad. Israeli

Four in a Boat - trad. USA

Glad Nowell, A (Angels & the Shepherds, The) - trad. Bohemian (duet)

Glenlogie - trad. Scottish

Helston Furry Dance, The - trad. Cornish

Jingle Bells - Pierpoint

Let the Toast Pass - trad. Scottish

March - Chedeville (duet)

Mary was Watching Tenderly - trad. Czech (duet)

Menuetto - Mozart (duet)

Morning Has Broken - trad.

My Bonny Cuckoo - trad. Irish

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen - trad. Spiritual (duet)

Oh Waly, Waly - trad.

Ode to Joy [Symphony no.9] - Beethoven (duet)

One Man Went To Mow - trad.

Poor Fly - Blyton

Red River Valley - trad. USA

Rigaudon - Chedeville

Shortnin' Bread - trad. USA

Tinga Layo - trad. West Indian (duet)

Tired Caterpillar - Pitts

Turn the Glasses Over - trad.

Two Little Angels - trad.

Tyrolean Cradle Song - trad. Austrian (duet)

Under Bethlehem's Star So Bright (Hydom, hydom, tydlidom) - trad. Czech (duet)

When The Saints Go Marching In - trad.

Ye Banks and Braes - trad. Scottish

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