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Recorder from the Beginning Book 1

Recorder from the Beginning Book 1

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Recorder From The Beginning: Pupil's Book 1 (2004 Edition) is the full-colour revised edition of John Pitts' best-selling recorder course. Piano accompaniment published separately in the teachers' book.

Adele's waltz - Pitts

Bus Driver - Pitts

Cameron's Spaceship - Pitts

Caterpilar Bye-Bye - Pitts

Chatter with the Angels - trad.

Chicka Hanka - Pitts

Copy-Cat Fanfare - Pitts (duet)

Dear Liza (There's a hole in my bucket) - trad.

Descent to Loch Morlich - Pitts

Elephants - Pitts

Fandango - trad.

Gliding - Pitts

Gypsy Dance - Pitts

Harrison's Rag - Pitts

Hot Cross Buns - trad.

Indian Warrior - Pitts

Joe, Joe - Pitts

Karen's Waltz - Pitts

Kites - Pitts

Lament - Pitts

Little Fly - Pitts

Loch Morlich - Pitts

Mobile Phone - Pitts

Mocking Bird - trad.

No More Milk - Pitts

Old MacDonald - trad.

Saw a Bug/Saw a Whale/ Saw a Mule / Saw a Flea/ Saw a Crow - Pitts

Scarecrow - Pitts

Skateboard Ride - Pitts

Tadpoles - trad.

Tango Zanjitas - Pitts

Traffic Jam - Pitts

Traffic Lights - Pitts

Who Built the Ark? - trad.

Who's That Yonder? - trad

Woody's Blues - Pitts

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