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Violin Music for Beginners 1

Violin Music for Beginners 1

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A selection of 25 pieces by various composers arranged by Gabriella Lenkei for violin + piano accompaniment.

Bach, J.S. – Excerpt [Peasant Cantata BWV212]; Musette

Hajdu, M – Dialog /Dialogue/ Parbeszed; Kolomeika

Handel – Air; Menuett

Haydn – Deutscher Tanz / German Dance / Nemet Tanc

Jardanyi, P – French Troubadour Song

Lang, I – Gute Laune / Gaiety / Jokedv

Mozart – Fragment [Magic Flute, The]; Lied / Song / Dal

Papp, L – Liedchen / Little Song / Dalocska; Tema Con Variazioni

Purcell – Excerpt [King Arthur]

Schubert – Allemande; Ecossaise

Schumann – Military March

Sugar, R – Berceuse; Song and Dance; Marcia

Szervanszky, E – Dance Song; Hungarian Dance in D minor; Hungarian Dance in G minor; Four Chorale Melodies

Weber - Waltz

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