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12 Goralau / Chorales - Bach, J.S. - SATB

12 Goralau / Chorales - Bach, J.S. - SATB

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J.S.Bach deuddeg o goralau / 12 chorales [St. Matthew Passion] SATB a capella + Solfa. UWP / Gwynn 80074, 192?. Geiriau Cymraeg & Saesneg / Welsh & English lyrics. A6 format. NB orders for a quantity may take some time since they're printed to order. 

A fynno Duw / What my God will: B minor (St. Matthew Passion 31)

Anwylaf Iesu / Ah, holy Jesu: B minor (St. Matthew Passion 3)

Er i'm grwydro 'mhell oddiwrthyt / Have I e'er from Thee departed: F# minor (St. Matthew Passion 49)

Fy marnu gefais gan y byd / For me the untrue world has set: Bb (St. Matthew Passion 38)

Fy nodded a'm Gwaredwr / My guardian. deign to own me: E (St. Matthew Passion 21)

Myfi fy hun / Tis I: Ab (St. Matthew Passion 16)

O ddwyfol ben! / O Sacred Head: F (St. Matthew Passion 63)

Olygfa ryfedd! / Lo, the good Shepherd: B minor (St. Matthew Passion 55)

Os rhaid i'm gefnu arnat / When strength some day: A minor (St. Matthew Passion 72)

Pa elyn a'th darawodd / What smote Thee so: F (St. Matthew Passion 46)

Rho bwys dy holl ofidiau / To God thy way commending: D (St. Matthew Passion 53)

Yn d'ymyl 'rwyf am aros / Here would I stand beside Thee: Eb (St. Matthew Passion 23)

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