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Oh It's a Lovely War - Songs of the Great War

Oh It's a Lovely War - Songs of the Great War

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Songs, ballads & parodies of WW1, 1914-18, arranged for voice + piano (some with guitar chord indications - the original publications are used), mostly as included in Joan Littlewood's iconic production for Stratford East in the 1960s. EMI Publishing 1978, reprinted Faber.

And When I Die: Ab (c'-eb") - trad.

Are We Downhearted?: F (e'-d") - trad.

Army of To-day's Alright, The: A (c#'-d") - Lyle

Breaking Out of Barracks (parody): C (b-c") - trad.

Comrades: Bb (d'-eb") - McGlennon

Far From Ypres I Long to Be (parody of Sing me to Sleep): C (c'-d") - trad.

For You But Not For Me (The Bells of Hell go Tingalingaling): F (c'-c") - trad.

Good Bye-ee: G (d'-d") - Weston & Lee

Goodbye Dolly Gray: C (d'-e") - Barnes

Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?: F (d#'-d") - Fragson

Here We Are! Here We Are!! Here We Are Again!!!: Eb (d'-eb") - Knight & Lyle

Hitchy Koo: Eb (eb'-f") - Muir & Abrahams

Hush! Here Comes a Whizz-bang (parody of Hush, here comes the Dream Man): F (c'-d") - Anon.

I Don't Want to be a Soldier (parody of I'll make a man of you): C (c'-c") - Finck

I Want to go Home: Bb (c'-c") - trad.

If You Want To Find: G (d'-e") - trad.

If You Were the Only Girl in the World: Eb (c'-f") - Ayer

I'll Make a Man of You (On Monday I go out with a Soldier): Eb (bb/c'-eb") - Finck

It's a Long Way to Tipperary: Bb (d'-d") - Judge & Williams

Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves a Soldier: G (d'-e") - Lyle

Kaiser Bill (parody of Pop Goes the Weasel): G (d'-e") - trad.

Keep the Home Fires Burning: F (c'-e"/f") - Novello

Last Mile Home, The: G (d'-d") - trad.

Leap Frog (parody of John Brown's Body): C (e'-e") - trad.

Mademoiselle from Armentieres: F (e'-d") - Carlton & Tunbridge

Moon Shines Bright on Charlie Chaplin, The (parody of Pretty Red Wing): Eb (bb-eb") - Mills

Never Mind (parody): C (e'-d") - Anon.

No More Soldiering for Me (parody of What a friend we have in Jesus): F (c'-d") - Converse

Oh! It's A Lovely War: F (c'-e") - Long & Scott

Old Soldiers Never Die: C (c'-c") - trad.

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag: G (b-d") - Powell

Plum and Apple (parody of A Wee Deoch-an-Doris): Bb (c'-d") - Anon.

Raining and Grousing (parody of Holy, holy, holy): E (e'-e") - Dykes

Rolling Home: G (d'-d") - trad.

Roses of Picardy: C (e'-f"/g") - Wood

Row, Row, Row: Bb (d'-eb") - Monaco

She was One of the Early Birds: G (d'-e") - Connor

Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers: Eb (eb'-eb") - Darewski

Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty: Bb (c#'-e") - Mills, Godfrey & Scott

There's a Long, Long Trail: Ab (eb'-eb") - Elliiott

They Didn't Believe Me [Girl from Utah, The]: G (d'-d") - Kern

We are Fred Karno's Army (parody of The Church is One Foundation): Eb (d'-eb") - Wesley

We Don't Want To (We are the King's Nav-ee!): F (c'-d") - trad.

We Haven't Seen the Kaiser (parody): G (d'-d") - Anon.

We're Here Because (parody of Auld Lang Syne): F (c'-d") - trad.

We've Had No Beer (parody of Abide with Me): Eb (eb'-c") - Monk

When Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser: G (d'-d") - Ellerton

When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose: Bb (e'-e") - Wenrich

Who Were You With Last Night?: D (a-c#") - Godfrey & Sheridan

Your King and Country (O, we don't want to lose you): C (c'-e"/g") - Rubens

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