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Famous Hymns of Wales, The - Various Artists (CD)

Famous Hymns of Wales, The - Various Artists (CD)

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A heart warming selection of hymns + the stirring sound of Wales' best Male Voice Choirs – a truly winning combination on this 20 track CD.

Wales has been traditionally referred to as “the Land of Song” and in this land of 3 million people , as well as producing a constant stream of accomplished soloists over the years, Wales has a strong tradition of choral singing. The development of hymn singing in Wales is closely associated with the Welsh Methodist revival of the 18th century and the chapels played an important part in teaching the people of Wales to read music and to sing in harmony, and every coal mine, quarry and large factory had its own choir. Despite the decline of the chapels and the traditional industries, the choral tradition continues to flourish.

This compilation CD celebrates the unique hymn singing tradition and the vibrant, powerful sound of the male voice choir of Wales. Label: Sain

Aberystwyth - Pendyrus Male Voice Choir

Abide With Me - Morriston Orpheus Choir

Amazing Grace - Cowbridge Male Voice Choir

Arwelfa - North Wales Association of Male Choirs

Bryn Calfaria 'Laudamus' - Côr y Traeth

Bryn Myrddin - Burry Port Male Voice Choir

Calon Lân - Llanelli Male Voice Choir

Coedmor - Côr Meibion y Penrhyn

Cwm Rhondda - The Phoenix

Finlandia - Côr Godre'r Aran

Hyfrydol - Mynydd Mawr Male Voice Choir

Llanfair - Côr y Brythoniaid

Llef - Morriston Orpheus Choir

Morte Christe - London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs

Pantyfedwen - London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs

Prysgol - Hogia'r Ddwylan

Rachie - Cowbridge Male Voice Choir

Sanctus - London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs

Sarah - Rhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir

Tydi a Roddaist - Cowbridge Male Voice Choir

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