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100 Best Short Songs - Book 1

100 Best Short Songs - Book 1

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This classic collection of 100 songs from Paterson is divided into 4 volumes - books 1 & 2 for high voice + piano accompaniment, books 3 & 4 for low voice + piano accompaniment, all with English lyrics only. Set for Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Grade 2 (Group B: Brahms - Sandman, The).

Book 1:

Anon. - Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow?: G (f#'-g")

Bach, J.S. - Wilt Thou Not Give Thy Heart? (Willst du dein Herz?): Eb (d'-g")

Berlioz - Absence: F# (c#'-f#")

Bononcini - Lovely Kind and Kindly Loving (Bella Vittoria): Bb (f'-g")

Brahms - Good Night (Gute Nacht): F (f'-g"); Red and White the Roses (Rothe Rosen): F (g'-a"); Sandman, The (Sandmännchen): A (e'-f#"); To a Nightingale (An die Nachtigall): F (e'-ab")

Carey – Pastoral, A: G (d'-g")

Franz - Maiden with the Lips like Roses (Mädchen mit dem roten Mundchen): Db (eb'-gb")

Liszt - It is a wond'rous mystery (Es muss ein Wunderbares sein): Ab (f'-ab")

Mendelssohn - On Wings of Song (Auf Flugeln des Gesanges) op.34 no.2: A (e'-f#")

Pergolesi (attrib.) - Nina: G minor (f#'-g")

Purcell - Hark! The Echoing Air [Fairy Queen, The]: Bb (d'-g")

Schubert - Hark! Hark! the Lark: C (f'-g"); Impatience (Ungeduld): Ab (eb'-ab"); Secret, The (Geheimes): Ab (eb'-ab"); Serenade (Ständchen): D minor (d'-g"); Wild Rose, The (Heidenroslein): G (g'-g")

Schumann - Ladybird (Marienwurmchen): G (g'-g"); Little Folk Song, A (Volksliedchen): G (d'-g"); Lotus Flower, The (Lotosblume, Die): F (c'-g"); Lovely Month Of May, The (Im wunderschonen Monat Mai): A (f#'-g")

Stolzel, attrib. Bach, J.S. - Be Thou With Me (Bist du bei mir): Eb (d'-ab")

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