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Coward - Essential Noel Coward Song Book, The

Coward - Essential Noel Coward Song Book, The

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This book contains the complete words & music of 51 of Sir Noel Coward's most famous songs from musicals, revues & cabaret for voice + piano accompaniment, with an introduction & notes on the songs by the composer.

Set for Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 6 (Group A - any voice: Matelot, Female Voice: If Love Were All or I'll Follow My Secret Heart + Group B: Mrs Worthington) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Intermediate (Group A: Someday I'll Find You & Group D: London Pride).

Any Little Fish [Cochran's 1931 Revue]: Eb (eb'-f'')

Bright was the Day [Pacific 1860]: Db (db'-f'')

Chase me, Charlie [Ace of Clubs]: Eb (c'-eb'')

Could you please oblige us with a Bren Gun: Ab (eb'-f'')

Dance, Little Lady [Cochran's 1928 Revue "This Year of Grace"]: G (c' - f")

Dearest Love [Operette]: Eb (c'-g'')

Don't let's be beastly to the Germans: Bb (d'-d'')

Don't make fun of the Fair [Lyric Revue 1951]: C (c'-e'')

Forbidden Fruit: Eb (b - e")

Half Caste Woman [Cochran's 1931 Revue]: D (c'-d'')

His Excellency Regrets [Pacific 1860]: Ab (c'-g'')

I Like America [Ace of Clubs]: Eb (eb'-f'')

I Travel Alone: Eb (c'-e'')

I Went to a Marvellous Party [Set to Music]: Eb (eb'-f'')

I Wonder What Happened to Him [Sigh No More]: Bb (d'-eb'')

If Love Were All [Bitter Sweet]: Eb (bb–g")

If You Could Only Come with Me [Bitter Sweet]: D (f'-g'')

I'll Follow My Secret Heart [Conversation Piece]: G (a–g")

I'll See You Again [Bitter Sweet]: Db (d'-g#'') - duet

Josephine [Ace of Clubs]: Bb (d'-g'')

Let's Say Goodbye [Cochran's 1932 Revue "Words and Music"]: Eb (eb'-f'')

London Pride: Eb (bb-f'')

Mad about the Boy [Cochran's 1932 Revue "Words and Music"]: A minor (c'-eb'')

Mad Dogs and Englishmen [Cochran's 1932 Revue "Words and Music"]: C (c'-c'')

Matelot [Sigh No More]: Ab (c'–ab")

Mirabelle Waltz, The [Cavalcade]: Eb (c'-f'') - duet

Mrs Worthington: Eb (bb–d")

Never Again [Set to Music]: Eb (e'-f'')

Nevermore [Conversation Piece]: D (a#-f'')

Nina [Sigh No More]: Bb (bb-eb'')

Parisian Pierrot [London Calling]: Bb (b - g")

Party's Over Now, The [Cochran's 1932 Revue "Words and Music"]: C (c'-eb'')

Play, Orchestra, Play [Tonight at 8.30]: Ab (db'-eb'')

Poor Little Rich Girl [On with the Dance]: Ab (f' - f")

Regency Rakes [Conversation Piece]: D (b'-e'')

Room with a View, A [Cochran's 1928 Revue "This Year of Grace"]: G (d' – e")

Sail Away [Ace of Clubs]: D (d'-f'')

Sigh No More [Sigh No More]: Ab (eb'-f'')

Some Day I'll Find You [Private Lives]: Eb (c'-f"/g")

Stately Homes Of England, The [Operette]: G (d'-e'')

That is the End of the News [Sigh No More]: Eb (c'-eb'')

There have been songs in England: Eb (eb'-g'')

This is a changing world [Pacific 1860]: Bb (c'-eb''

Three Juvenile Delinquents [Ace of Clubs]: Bb (bb'-e'')

Twentieth Century Blues [Cavalcade]: Ab (c'-d'')

We Were Dancing [Tonight at 8.30]: D (d'-f#'')

Where are the Songs we Sung? [Operette]: F (c'-eb'')

Why Does Love Get in the Way? [Ace of Clubs]: Eb (eb'-f'')

World Weary [Cochran's 1928 Revue "This Year of Grace"]: F minor (c' - f")

You Were There [Tonight at 8.30]: Ab (eb'-f'')

Zigeuner [Bitter Sweet]: Eb (c'– ab")

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