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Drawing-Room Songs - Tear, ed.

Drawing-Room Songs - Tear, ed.

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Robert Tear's collection of favourite 19th & early 20th century songs & duets for high voice (+ low voice) + piano accompaniment for Cramer, comprising many familiar songs no longer available in other formats.

Brooklet, The - Loder: Gb (db'-f")

Death of Nelson - Braham: C minor (f'-ab")

Farewell, A (Flow down, cold rivulet) - Lear: A (c#'-f#")

Give Me a Ticket to Heaven - Harrison, D: Eb (d'-eb")

Holy City, The (Jerusalem) - Adams: C (e'-g")

Home, Sweet Home [Clari] - Bishop: E (e'-e")

I Dream of Jeanie - Foster: F (c'-f"/a")

I Hear You Calling Me - Marshall: C (g'-a")

Lost Chord, The - Sullivan: G (d'-g")

Love, Could I Only Tell Thee - Capel: F (c'/d'-a")

Panis Angelicus - Franck: A (g#'-f#") - Latin & English lyrics

Passing By - Purcell, E: Bb (g'-g"/bb")

Sally in our Alley - Carey, attrib.: C (c'-f")

Sweet and Low - Lear: B (d#'-e")

Trumpeter, The - Dix: Bb (d'-f"/g")

Vale (Farewell) - Russell, K: Bb (f'-g"/a")

Voices of the Night - Glover - duet: A (c#'-d" / e'-f#")

Volunteer Organist - Lamb: Eb (eb'-f")

We're Called Gondolieri [Gondoliers, The] - Sullivan - duet: F (c'-f" /f'-a")

Wyoming Lullaby - Williams - duet: F (c'-f" /g'-a")

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