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Heritage of 20th Century Song, A - vol.3

Heritage of 20th Century Song, A - vol.3

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English songs from the 20th century in their original keys for voice + piano accompaniment from B&H. Set for LRSM (Mezzo-Soprano / Alto / Countertenor: Britten - Charm, A & Baritone / Bass: Gibbs - Ship of Rio, The or Head - Lavender Pond & all voices: Head - Estuary, The) & FRSM (all voices: Britten - Fish in the unruffled lakes) & ATCL (Group B: Britten - Charm, A or Fish in the unruffled lakes or Head - Estuary, The or Lavender Pond)

Berkeley, L - How love came in: D minor (e'-f'')

Bliss - Being young and green: C minor (e'-a'')

Bridge - Love went a-riding: Eb minor/A/D minor (f'-g'')

Britten - Charm, A [Charm of Lullabies, A op.41]: D minor (d'-e'')

Britten - Fish in the unruffled lakes: F# (c'-a'')

Britten - Wagtail and baby [Winter Words]: C (e'-g'')

Dalby, M - Cupid and my campaspe: C (d'-g'')

Davidson, M - Christmas carol, A (Christmas Eve at sea): C (f'-a'')

Finzi - Channel firing: C minor (b-e'')

Finzi - Come away, death [Let Us Garlands Bring]: D (a-d'')

Finzi - Fear no more the heat o' the sun [Let Us Garlands Bring]: G minor (b-e'')

Gibbs, C.A. - Ship of Rio, The: C minor (a-e'')

Gibbs, C. A. – Nod: D (d'-f#'')

Head, M - Estuary, The: C minor (b-f'')

Head, M - Green cornfield, A: D minor (f'-f'')

Head, M - Lavender Pond (Surrey Commercial Docks) [6 Sea Songs]: F minor (cb'-e'')

Howells - Girl's song: G (e'-e'')

Ireland - I have twelve oxen: F (c'-e'')

Ireland - Spring sorrow: F (c'-d'')

Quilter - O Mistress mine op.6 no.2: G (d'-g'')

Quilter - Song of the blackbird op.14 no.4: G minor (d'-f'')

Quilter - Weep you no more op.12 no.1: F minor (e'-f'')

Warlock - My little sweet darling: G (b-g'')

Warlock – Bayly beareth the bell away, The: C minor (c'-e'')

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