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Heritage of 20th Century Song, A - vol.2

Heritage of 20th Century Song, A - vol.2

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English songs from the 20th century in their original keys for voice + piano accompaniment from B&H. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 8 (List C, male voices: Elgar) & LRSM (Baritone / Bass: Stanford - Fairy Lough, The) & ATCL (Group B: Vaughan Williams - Youth and love).

Carey - Love on my heart from heaven fell: Eb (d'-ab")

Delius - To Daffodils: C (c#'-g#")

Elgar - Is she not passing fair?: G (f#'-a")

Gurney - Carol of the skiddaw yowes: A minor (d'-e")

Harty - Scythe song: F (c'-e")

Hughes - O men from the fields [Songs from Connacht]: Db (db'-f")

Lidgey - See where my love a-maying goes: F (c'-f")

Maude, Caroline - Magdalen: Bb (b-e")

Peel, Graham - Sorrow and spring: Bb (f'-g")

Samuel, Harold - Fairy Boat, The: G (d'-g")

Samuel, Harold - Nanny: F (c'-eb")

Somervell - Lads in their hundreds, The [Shropshire Lad, A]: Ab (db'-f")

Somervell - White in the moon the long road lies: B minor (d'-e")

Somervell - Young love lies sleeping [Love in Spring-Time]: Bb (f'-g")

Stanford - Cuttin' Rushes [Irish Idyll, A]: F (b-d")

Stanford - Fairy Lough, The [Irish Idyll, A]: B minor (a-eb")

Stanford - Rain it raineth every day, The [Twelfth Night]: D minor (c'-d")

Stanford - Old Superb, The op.91: Bb (bb-eb") - + optional TTBB chorus on last 2 choruses.

Vaughan Williams – Vagabond, The [Songs of Travel]: C minor (a-e'')

Vaughan Williams - Whither must I wander? [Songs of Travel]: C minor (b-e'')

Vaughan Williams - Youth and love [Songs of Travel]: G (c'-e')

Walker, Ernest - Corinna's going a-maying: Eb (a-eb")

Walthew - Splendour falls, The: Eb (eb/bb-db")

Weston - Row, Burnie, Row: Eb (bb-eb")

White, Maude Valerie - Ophelia's Song [Hamlet]: E minor (d'-f")

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