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Roe - Songs from the Betty Roe Shows vol.2

Roe - Songs from the Betty Roe Shows vol.2

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Songs from the Betty Roe shows, aimed at performers of 10-13 years old, for voice + piano accompaniment. English lyrics only. Set for Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 2 (Group A: Poco Poppa Pizza and Mamma Piccolo) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Foundation (Lonely Venus).

Away from the Crowds [Crowds]: E (b-c#")

Chance [Most Wanted Faces, The]: F (d'-f")

Film Premiere [Crowds]: F (c'-d")

I'm Learning to Read [Banky Field, The]: G (d'-eb")

I'm Stoney Broke [Banky Field, The]: D minor (db'-d")

Lonely Venus [Most Wanted Faces, The]: D minor (a-e")

Music-Hall Song [Crowds]: C (g-e")

Poco Poppa Pizza and Mama Piccolo [Most Wanted Faces, The]: D (c#'-d")

Saddle Your Dreams [Banky Field, The]: D (c'-d")

Sentimental Copper [Most Wanted Faces, The]: G minor (b-d")

Tag: Singing Grade 3

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