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Grieg - Centenary Song Album

Grieg - Centenary Song Album

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10 songs by Grieg for medium voice + piano accompaniment (original keys), ed. Beryl Foster for Edition Peters, with lyrics in Norwegian, German & English, + Coaching CD, which contains spoken lyrics, recorded by native speakers to help singers with pronunciation, study versions of the songs with both melody & simplified accompaniments played on the piano, & complete piano accompaniment recordings. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List B: Jeg elsker Dig/Ich liebe dich), Grade 7 (List D: En svane/Ein Schwan) & Grade 8 (List D: Gruss/Hilsen or Våren/Letzter Frühling or Zur Rosenzeit/I Rosentiden) + Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 6 (Group E: En svane/Ein Schwan)

Ein Traum/En Drøm/A Dream, op.48 no.6: Bb minor (c'-ab")

En svane/Ein Schwan/A Swan, op.25 no.2: F (d'–f'')

Gruss/Hilsen/Greeting, op.48 no.1: E (e'-f")

Jeg elsker Dig/Ich liebe dich/I Love but Thee, op.5 no.3: C (e'-f")

Med en vandlilje/Mit einer Wasserlilie/With a Water-lily, op.25 no.4: F# minor (d#'-f")

Solveigs Sang/Solveigs Lied/Solveig's Song, op.23 [Peer Gynt]: A minor (e'-a")

Stambogsrim/Stammbuchsreim/Album Lines, op.25 no.3: F minor (e'-d")

Våren/Letzter Frühling/Last Spring, op.33 no.2: F# (d#'-f#")

Zur Rosenzeit/I Rosentiden/Time of Roses, The, op.48 no.5: Bb minor (c'-f")

Tags: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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