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Finzi - Ten Children's Songs op.1

Finzi - Ten Children's Songs op.1

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Poems by Christina Rossetti for high voice(s) + piano accompaniment set by Finzi in 1936-54.

Boy Johnny (2-part or unison): G (d'-e"/g")

Dancing on the hill-tops (unison): F (c'-f")

Dead in the cold (2-part): G minor (c'-f")

Ferry me across the water (2-part or unison): A minor (c'-e")

Lily has a smooth stalk, The (unison): F minor (c'-f")

Linnet in a gilded cage, A (2-part): G minor (c'-d")

Lullaby, oh lullaby! (2-part or unison): B minor (f#'-d")

Margaret has a milking pail (2-part): F minor (eb'-f")

Rosy maiden Winifred (2-part): Eb (c'-eb"/g")

There's snow on the fields (2-part): F (c'-f")

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