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Flanders and Swann, The Songs Of

Flanders and Swann, The Songs Of

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First published in paperback form in 1977, this collection of 41 songs represents a definitive publication of the cabaret/comic songs of Michael Flanders & Donald Swann. Lyrics written out in full before each song. With an introduction by Donald Swann: includes numerous illustrations. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 2 (List C: Hippopotamus, The) + Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 7 (Group B: Ill Wind).& Trinity Music Certificates: Singing Intermediate (Group D: Sloth, The) & Singing Advanced (Group B: Guide to Britten)

Album, The: C (b-d')

All Gall: D (d-b')

Armadillo, The: E (b-c'')

Ballad of the Rich: D (a-b')

Bedstead Men: G (b-e')

Budget Song: G (d'-b')

Design for Living: E minor (b-c'')

Elephant, The: F# minor (b-e'')

Excelsior: A minor (c-e')

Gas-man Cometh, The: G (d-c'')

Gnu, The: B minor (g-c'')

Guide to Britten: C (b-g')

Hippopotamus, The: G (g-d'')

Ill Wind: Eb (g-d')

In the Bath: G (b-c'')

Last of the Line: A minor (c-f'')

Lord Chamberlain's Regulations, The: E minor (b-f'')

Madiera, M'dear?: G (g-b')

Misalliance: E (b-d'')

Motor Perpetio: C (b-e'')

Ostrich, The: B minor (b-d'')

P**p*b****b**d******: C (c-f'')

Philological Waltz (Tonga): E minor (c-e'')

Pillar to Post: A minor (a-d'')

Rain on the Plage: A minor (c-d'')

Reluctant Cannibal, The: A minor (f'-c'')

Rhinoceros, The: B minor (e-c'')

Sloth, The: E minor (e-g'')

Slow Train: A minor (c-c'')

Song of Patriotic Prejudice: Bb (bb-c")

Song of Reproduction: C (g-d')

Song of the Weather, A: A minor (a-d'')

Spider, The: B minor (a-d'')

Transport of Delight, A (Omnibus, The): A minor (c-f'')

Twenty Tons of TNT: B minor (b-e'')

Twice Shy: B minor (b-g'')

Vanessa: A minor (d-c')

Warthog, The: Ab/F/Eb (a-eb")

Whale, The (Mopy Dick): A minor (a-e'')

Wild Boar, The: B minor (b-f'')

Wompom, The: G (b-b')

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