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Bergerettes (Pastoral Ditties) - Weckerlin, arr.

Bergerettes (Pastoral Ditties) - Weckerlin, arr.

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20 mostly anonymous Romances & Songs of the 18th Century, collected & arranged for voice + piano accompaniment by J. B. Weckerlin. French & English lyrics. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List B: Jeune Fillette) & Grade 6 (List A: Maman, Dites-moi) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 3 (Group C: Venez, agréable printempsGrade 4 (Group C: Maman, dites-moi) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Foundation (Venez, agréable printemps).

Aminte - Tambourin / Aminta - Dance-Song: F (c'-d")

Bergere légere / Capricious Shepherd-Maid: G (d'-e")

Chantons les Amours de Jean / Oh, let us sing of the love of John: G (d'-g")

Chaque Chose A Son Temps / Everything in its time: F (c'-c")

Je Connais Un Berger Discret / Well I know a shepherd true: Eb (eb'-eb")

Jeune Fillette / Maiden, remember: A minor (g'-e")

La Mere Bontemps / Good Old Granny: G minor (d'-d")

L'amour s'envole / Cupid flies away: E minor (e'-g")

Lisette: G (e'-g")

Maman, Dites-moi / Mother, please explain: F (eb'-f#")

Menuet D'Exaudet: G (d'-d"/g")

Nanette: G (e'-g")

Non, je ne crois pas / No, I don't believe: A minor (e'-e")

Non, je n'irai plus au bois / No, I'll not go to the wood: A minor (e'-f")

O Ma Tendre Musette / Gentle & Sweet Musette: A minor (g#'-e") - Monsigny

Par Un Matin / One Morning: F (f'-d")

Philis, Plus Avare Que Tendre / Phyllis the Greedy: G (d'-d")

Que ne suis-je la fougere / Would that I could be the lowly fern: G minor (f#'-eb") - Pergolesi

Trop Aimable Sylvie - Tambourin / Sylvia, how I adore you! - Dance-Song: G (d'-e")

Venez, agréable printemps / Oh, come again, beautiful Spring: (c'-f")

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