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Junior Songscape: Earth, Sea and Sky

Junior Songscape: Earth, Sea and Sky

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25 original songs by Lin Marsh for classroom & concert use: includes music set for the ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List B: Seagull + List C: Pirates! - verses 1 & 2) & Grade 2 (List B: Earth, Sea and Sky - any 2 verses) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Initial (Big Boats, Small Boats) & Grade 1 (Group B: Lighthouse, The or Seagull, The). Voice + piano accompaniment + CD.

Aliens!: F (c#'-e": 3-part)

Big boats, small boats: G (d'-d")

Communication: E (b-d")

Desert: G (d'-d")

Dinosaur Gang, The: D (c#'-d")

Earth, sea and sky: F (c'-f")

Gravity!: D (d'-d": duet)

Hot-air balloon: Eb (b'-eb": duet)

I am the wind: G (b-e": duet)

Lighthouse, The: C (b–c")

Mighty glacier: F (d'-d")

Mountain air: A (e'-c#")

Pirates!: A minor (c'-d')

Playing on the beach: A (c#'-c#")

Rainforest, The: F (c'-d")

River journey: F (c'-d")

Rock pool, The: Bb (d'-db")

Seagull: F (c'-d')

Silver moon: G (d'-d")

Space travel: C (c'-d")

Stars: A (c#'-e": duet)

Swamp, The: G (b-c": duet)

There's a rumbling and a rolling: G (d'-d")

Underwater: G (d'-d")

We're going swimming: D (d'-d")

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