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Singing Time! Grade 3

Singing Time! Grade 3

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Singing Time! Grade 3 is step by step instructions for ABRSM & other singing exams, including both unaccompanied (*) & accompanied songs & sight-reading examples. Edited by David Turnbull, with English lyrics only (except for ~: German + English lyrics). Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List A: Trad. English - Pretty Polly Oliver or Trad. Scottish - Afton Water or Trad. Welsh - Ash Grove, The + List B: Davies or Jenkins or Mendelssohn or Schubert + List C: Gilkyson).

Anon. 17th c. - Once I had a Sweetheart*: G minor (d'-eb")

Davies, H. Walford - God be in my Head (SATB a capella): A (e'-d": melody)

Davy, J - Bay of Biscay, The: Bb (d'-f")

Gilkyson, T - Bare Necessities, The: F (c'-d")

Jenkyns, P – Owls, The: F minor (c'-dd")

Mendelssohn - Greeting (Gruss) op.19 no.5 ~: D (d#'-f#")

Offenbach - Gendarmes' Duet, The (duet): D (c#'-e")

Schubert - Wild Rose, The (Heidenršslein) op.3 no.3/D257 ~: E (e'-e")

White - Great Tom Is Cast* (round): Bb (bb-eb")

Trad. – Deep River*: Eb (c'-eb"); Give Me That Old-time Religion*: Bb (f'-d"); I Gave my Love a Cherry*: C (c'-d"); London's Burning* (round): G (d'-d"); When Johnny Comes Marching Home*: G minor (d-d")

Trad. - Kum Ba Ya*: C (c'-a')

Trad. America - Boatman's Song, The*: C (c'-d"); Down by the Riverside*: G (d'-c")

Trad. English - Lincolnshire Poacher, The*: A (c#'-e"); Pretty Polly Oliver: Eb (c'-f")

Trad. Folksong arr. Cecil Sharp – False Lamkin: G (d'-d")

Trad. German - O Worship The Lord (SATB a capella): C (c'-d": melody)

Trad. Irish - Minstrel Boy, The*: E (b-e")

Trad. Scottish - Afton Water: E (b-e"); Blue Bells of Scotland, The*: D (d'-d"); Charlie is my Darling*: C minor (c'-eb"); Robin Adair*: Ab (eb'-eb")

Trad. Virginian Shanty - Shenandoah*: Eb (bb-eb")

Trad. Welsh - Ash Grove, The: G (c'-e"); David of the White Rock*: E minor (b-e")

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