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Nightingale - Easy Jazzy 'Tudes for trombone bass clef

Nightingale - Easy Jazzy 'Tudes for trombone bass clef

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Mark Nightingale's very popular "Easy Jazzy 'Tudes" in the unaccompanied tenor trombone (bass clef) edition. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2023 onwards Trombone Grade 1 (List C: A Small Step), Grade 2 (List C: Nuthatch, The) & Grade 5 (List C: Turkey, The) & Trinity Examinations 2019-25 Trombone Bass Clef Grade 1 (Group B: Coo's Blues or Ready, Aim, Fire!), Grade 2 (Group B: Stinger,The or Nuthatch, The), Grade 3 (Group B: Cinnamon Tea or Slinky), Grade 4 (Group B: Blues For Big Ears or Shout, The), Grade 5 (Group B: Passion Fruit Samba or Turkey, The) & Grade 6 (Group B: Joot Hoot or Five Brew) & Trinity Music Certificate: Trombone Intermediate (Five Brew or Turkey, The).

Big Mama

Blues for Big Ears

Cinnamon Tea

Coo's Blues

Dear Old Deer

Ermie's Blues

Fiesta Siesta

Five Brew

Grief Relief


Joot Hoot

March of the Bindweed

Nuthatch, The

On the Off-beat

Passion Fruit Samba

Pink Pig, The

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Shout, The


Sleuth, The

Slide 'N' Stomp


Small step, A

Stinger, The


Transposition Blues


Turkey, The

Tags: Trombone Grade 2; Trombone Grade 3; Trombone Grade 4; Trombone Grade 5; Trombone Grade 6

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