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Lewis, Paul - Musings on a Maori Lullaby for harp

Lewis, Paul - Musings on a Maori Lullaby for harp

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Paul Lewis' Musings on a Maori Lullaby, for pedal harp.

Duration: 18 minutes

A lullaby destined to remain forever popular in her native New Zealand

Such a sweet little tune to rock a cradle to.

A butterfly flutters in arabesques around the melody and brushes it gently with its wings.

A moustachioed major sings the tune to his troops and orders them to fall asleep on the count of three.

Even the fairies know the tune.

A haughty dowager duchess sings the lullaby at the top of her voice and keeps the grandchildren awake.

The melody waltzes around the nursery as the children fall asleep

A castanetted lady sings a lively song in the night.

Claude Debussy muses on the melody in the moonlight and inadvertently sings himself to sleep.

Hine e hine: a lullaby to warm the hearts of New Zealanders everywhere.

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