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Bags of Fun Absolute Beginner violin - Cohen, Mary arr.

Bags of Fun Absolute Beginner violin - Cohen, Mary arr.

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Bags of Fun for Violin is packed with imaginative pieces for absolute beginners written by Mary Cohen; this book is gently progressive yet always entertaining, with plenty of material on the open strings and a gradual introduction of first and second fingers. Ideal for consolidation alongside any tutor, for sight-reading practice or just for fun.

Alexander Bumped His Bike

Alligators Meet For Lunch Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!

Are You Going To The Shops?

Bored? I'm So Bored, I'm Asleep

Building A Tree-House

Can I Have My Friends To Stay?

Caramel Crunch

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Come And See Our Angel Fish

Creaky, Creaky Door

Did You Look Under The Sofa?

Do I Have To Go To School?

Dont Fall Into The Hole

Dragons Can Be Dangerous (And Very Hot!)

Eek! It's a

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

Elegant Flamingo, Balanced On One Leg

Elephants Like Mud Baths In The Afternoon

Energetic Elephants Down At The Gym

Fizzy, Fizzy POP!

Four Snails, Lining Up For A Race

Frogs Having A High Jump Competition

Goldfish Swimming Past The Ruined Castle

GreatBigGrizzly Bears

Growl, Growl, Growl Went The Lions

Have You Fed The Cat?

Have You Fed The Guinea Pigs?

Hip, Hop, Hippopotamus

Hot Toffee Popcorn

Hubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble

Hula Hoops

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Up We're Late!

I'd Like A Kite For My Birthday, Please!

Is That A Donkey Singing?

Jelly On A Plate

Jumping Beans

Look! There's A Bee In The Bath!

Lots Of Creepy Crawlies Going For A Jog

Messing About In My Cousin's Garden

Mountain Biking

My Friend's Tooth Fell Out At School

Next Door's Cat Is Climbing Up Our Tree

Next Doors Dog Is Burying A Bone

Octopus Goes Trampolining, The

Oh No! Its A Fire-Breathing Monster!

One, Two, Three, Jump!

Oops! I've Lost My Socks!

Quick! Catch The Guinea Pig!

Race, Race You Round The Park

Seagulls Gliding Over The Cliffs

Skeletons Chitter Chatter

Slimy Slug Trails

That's Not Fair!

There's A Hole In The Sole Of My Welly

These Are The Wrong Kind Of Sandwiches

Three And A Half Pairs Of Socks

Twinkle, Twinkle, Magic Star

Two Big Elephants Getting On A Bus

Ugh Whats That?

Watching Squirrels Through The Window

Where Is The Cat?

Where's That Hamster?

Which Bits The Stick Insect? (I Can't Tell)

Who Ate The Last Piece Of Toast?

Wibble, Wobble

Will We? Won't We? Need Our Wellies?

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