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Bags of Style - Grade 2-3 violin - Cohen, Mary

Bags of Style - Grade 2-3 violin - Cohen, Mary

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Bags of Style is a musical trip through time, exploring different styles from catchy 12th-century dances right up to fun 21st-century material. The pieces are gently progressive, written by Mary Cohen especially for Grade 2-3 violinists. Excellent for consolidation work when introducing new techniques & for enjoyable sight-reading practice. Set for Trinity Examination 2020-23 Violin Grade 2 (Allegro or Waltz)

Aire (17th century)

Allegro (18th century)

Battle song (15th century)

Boree (17th century)

Corn is Ripe, The (12th century)

Drifting Snow (20th century)

Estampie (13th century)

Galliard (16th century)

Gavotte (18th century)

Ghostly tango (20th century)

Headin' homewards (20th century)

Heads or tails? (21st century)

Minuet (18th century)

Pilgrim's chant (14th century)

Polonaise (19th century)

Remembering (19th century)

Ronde (16th century)

Sarabande (18th century)

Siciliano (17th century)

Spring is on the way (15th century)

Troubadour's Tale (12th century)

Tumblers (14th century)

Waltz (19th century)

Winter revels (13th century)

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