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Bravo! Bassoon

Bravo! Bassoon

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More than 25 pieces for Bassoon + piano accompaniment, edited by Carol Barratt. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Bassoon Grade 1 (List B: Barratt - Safe Haven) & Grade 2 (List A: Barratt - Safe Haven or Gervaise & List B: Rameau) & Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Bassoon Grade 1 (Group A: Czerny or Gervaise), Grade 2 (Group A: Barratt - Anna's Cake-walk or Rameau) & Grade 3 (Group A: Barratt - 3 Variations on "Cat in the Snow")

Barratt - Anna's Cake-walk; Arioso; Ballyhoo!; Chorale; Dorney Reach; Fivepins; Hampton "Swing"; In the Limelight!; Jalapeño; Out-of-step March; Round "Square Dance"; Safe Haven; & 3 Variations on "Cat in the Snow"

Beethoven - German Dance

Czerny - Rise and Shine!

Gervaise - Allemande

Haydn - Minuet and Trio

Kabalevsky - Russian Dance

New Orleans Funeral March - St James' Infirmary

Rameau - Sarabande

Tchaikovsky - Hurdy-gurdy, The

Trad. American arr. Barratt - Shoo, Fly

Trad. Chinese arr. Barratt - Crescent Moon

Trad. English arr. Barratt - Ploughboy, The

Trad. English arr. Barratt - When I was a Tailor

Trad. French arr. Barratt - Fais Dodo

Trad. Slovakian arr. Barratt - Polka, The

Tags: Bassoon Grade 2; Bassoon Grade 3

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