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Jenkins, Karl - Requiem SATB

Jenkins, Karl - Requiem SATB

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Karl Jenkins has set the usual Latin movements of the Requiem Mass plus 5 Japanese haiku ‘death' poems. The Western & Eastern texts are combined in two of the haiku movements, Having Seen The Moon and Farewell, which incorporate the Benedictus and the Agnus Dei respectively, being intoned by male voices in a monastic style as a counterpoint to the Japanese text sung by females. The instrumentation of these haiku settings includes the ancient Japanese wind instrument, the shakuhachi (ossia flute). SATB + piano reduction accompaniment. Japanese (J) & Latin (L) texts.

Introit & Kyrie - L - SATB

Dies Irae - L - SATB

Snow of yesterday, The (Gozan) - J - SSA

Rex Tremendae - L - SATB

Confutatis - L - SATB

From deep in my heart (Issho) - J - SSA

Lacrimosa - L - SATB

Now as a spirit (Hokusai) - J - SA

Pie Jesu - L - SATB + treble & soprano solos

Having seen the moon - J (SSSA) + L (TB)

Lux Aeterna - L - SATB

Farewell (Banzan) - J (SSA) + L (TBB)

In Paradisum - L - SATB

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