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Shining Brass Book 1 Piano Accompaniments.

Shining Brass Book 1 Piano Accompaniments.

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Piano Accompaniments for Shining Brass Book 1, Grade 1-3 standard; set for ABSRM Brass Syllabus 2023 onwards. Solo parts available separately.

Davoren - Hangin' with Monti; Romanza; Rondo Olympia; Waltz for E.

Frith - Broken Dreams

Jackson, T - How's Tricks?

Meechan - Haunted House; One, Two, Three!; Purple Shade; Summer Sound

Pankhurst, L - Sicilienne

Sparke, P - Knight's Tale, A; My Lady's Pavan; Puppet's Dance; Tennessee Rag

Stowell - High Street; Strollin'; Walk in the Rain, A

Tags: Horn Grade 1; Horn Grade 2; Horn Grade 3; Tenor Horn Grade 1; Tenor Horn Grade 2; Tenor Horn Grade 3; Baritone/Euphonium Grade 1; Baritone/Euphonium Grade 2; Baritone/Euphonium Grade 3; Tuba Grade 1; Tuba Grade 2; Tuba Grade 3

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