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Abracadabra Trumpet + CD

Abracadabra Trumpet + CD

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For trumpet players (or cornet/flugelhorn/euphonium), this tutor book by Alan Tomlinson contains a wide selection of tuneful music selected with children in mind - traditional melodies, folk songs & classical pieces. With backing CD.

A sailor went to sea (duet) - trad.

Afternoon tea - Tomlinson

All mixed up - Tomlinson

All through the night - trad.

Allegro con fuoco [New World Symphony] - Dvorak

American Patrol - trad.

Andulko - trad.

Apples & Pears - Page

Aria [Non piu andrai, 'Nozze di Figaro'] - Mozart

Auld Land Syne (duet) - trad.

Ballet Music [Faust] - Gounod

Barbara Allen - trad.

Blow The Wind Southerly - trad.

Bobby Shaftoe - trad.

Bow Belinda - trad.

Calm Sea - Sedda

Canon - Tallis

Carillon - Tomlinson

Charlie is me darlin' - trad.

Chatter with the angels - trad.

Clementine - trad.

Clown Dance - trad.

Cockle gatherer, The (duet) - trad.

Copycats 1-4 - Fraser

Dance of the Comedians [The Bartered Bride] - Smetana

Dots and Dashes - trad.

Down by the bay (duet) - trad.

Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes - trad.

Eye Level - Trombey

Fais do-do - trad.

Fanfare (trio) - Tomlinson

First Nowell, The - trad.

Flowing - Tomlinson

Folk song - trad.

Four fours - Sedda

Golden corn - Shepherd

Here & there (duet) - Sedda

Hickory dickory dock (duet) - trad.

Hopak (duet) - trad.

Hot Cross Buns - trad.

How's this! - Baker

Hymn tune - trad.

Hymn tune - Baring-Gould

In Paris - Tomlinson

Irish Washerwoman, The - trad.

Jenny Crack Corn - trad.

Journey into space - Tomlinson

Kalinka - trad.

Kookaburra (round) - trad.

Land of hope & glory [Pomp & Circumstance March 1] - Elgar

Largo (Symphony No. 9 in E Minor 'From The New World' Op. 95) - Dvorak

Le Piccadilly - Satie

Lightly row - trad.

Li'l Liza Jane - trad.

Linstead Market (duet) - trad.

Little John - trad.

London Bridge (duet) - trad.

Long ago & far away - Kern

Love me tender - trad.

Marines' Hymn - Offenbach

Melody - Sedda

Men of Harlech (duet) - trad.

Michael Finnegan - trad.

Minuet - Bach, J.S.

Morningtown ride (trio) - Reynolds

Moscow Nights - Solovyev-Sedoy

Mountain Ash, The (duet) - trad.

Mr. Sun - trad.

My hat it has three corners - trad.

My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean - trad.

No I won't, yes you will - Sedda

Now The Day Is Over - Baring-Gould

O my little Augustine - trad.

Oh, Susanna - Foster

On top of Old Smokey - trad.

One man went to mow (duet) - trad.

Pease Pudding hot - trad.

Polly Wolly Doodle - trad.

Quartermaster's Stores, The - trad.

Rigadoon (duet) - Purcell

Row, row, row your boat (round) - trad.

Run, rabbit, run - Gay + Butler

Shepherds' Hey - trad.

Shoemaker, The - trad.

Short'nin' Bread - Wolfe + Wood

Silent Night - Gruber

Skip to my Lou - trad.

South of the Border - Carr + Kennedy

St. Paul's Steeple - trad.

Stop on the red, go on the - Tomlinson

Suo-gân - trad.

Surrey with the fringe on the top [Oklahoma!] - Rodgers

Tambourin - Gossec

Ten curly elephant trunks - trad.

Ten in the bed - trad.

Theme, 'William Tell' - Rossini

This little light of mine - trad.

This old man - trad.

Thread follows the needle, The - trad.

Tom Dooley (duet) - trad.

Trio, Symphony 5 (trio) - Sibelius

Trumpet Call [Carmen] - Bizet

Trumpet Tune [The Bartered Bride] -Smetana

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (duet) - trad.

Tzena tzena - trad.

Walking in the air [The Snowman] - Blake

Walking along - Tomlinson

Waltz - Sedda

Waltzing Matilda - Cowan

What Shall We Do? (duet) - trad.

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? - trad.

When the Saints Go Marching In - trad.

Yankee Doodle - trad.

Zum gali gali - trad.

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