Les Misérables - Schonberg - vocal selection




16 songs from Boubil & Schonberg's legendary "Les Misérables" arranged for voice + piano accompaniment with guitar chord boxes, including the song newly composed for the 2012 film version, "Suddenly". Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Singing Grade 2 (List C: Castle on a Cloud), Grade 7 (List E: On My Own) & Grade 8 (List E: Empty chairs at empty tables) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 2 (List A: Castle on a Cloud)

At the End of the Day - Ensemble: F minor (f'-d")

Bring Him Home - Valjean: F (c-f")

Castle on a Cloud - Cosette: A minor (a-c")

Do You Hear the People Sing? - Ensemble: F (a-g"/a")

Drink With Me - Ensemble: F (d'-eb")

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Marius: C (a-g')

Heart Full of Love, A - Marius + Cosette: A (f#-f#"/b")

I Dreamed a Dream - Fantine: Eb (gb-c")

I Have a Crime to Declare - Javert + Valjean: D minor (a-d")

Little Fall of Rain, A - Eponine + Marius: F (f-db")

Look Down - Ensemble: F minor (f-g")

Master of the House - Thénadiers + Chorus: A (b-f")

On My Own - Eponine: D (a-c")

Stars - Javert: E (b-e'')

Suddenly - Valjean: G (b-e")

Who am I? - Valjean: Bb (bb-bb")

Tags: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8