Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Soprano 1




A series of 12 authentic collections presented in their original keys by voice type for voice + piano accompaniment, with songs from many of the best known shows - English lyrics only unless otherwise stated. Soprano: Vol. 1. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Grade 4 (List C: Hello, Young Lovers), Grade 5 (List C: I Could Have Danced All Night), Grade 6 (List E: Bill or Far From the Home I Love or Mr. Snow or You'll Never Walk Alone or Many a New Day or Out of my Dreams or Till there was You), Grade 7 (List E: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes or Something Wonderful or Summertime) & Grade 8 (List E: Can’t help lovin’ dat man or Green finch and linnet bird or Climb ev’ry mountain or If I loved you or So in Love) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 2 (List A: Ten Minutes Ago) + Trinity Examinations 2018-21 Singing Grade 4 (Group A: Hello, Young Lovers), Grade 5 (Group A: Bill or What's The Use Of Wond'rin'), Grade 6 (Group A: Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man or If I Loved You or Summertime or Till There was You ), Grade 7 (Group A:One More Kiss or Show Me) & Grade 8 (Group A: Not a Day Goes By) & Trinity Music Certificates: Singing Intermediate (Group A: Smoke gets in your eyes or I could have danced all night or So in love or Many a new day or Mister Snow or No Other Love or Out of my Dreams or Something Wonderful) & Singing Advanced (Group A, female:.Green Finch & Linnet Bird)

Barbara Song [Threepenny Opera, The]: C (c'-f") - Weill

Bill [Show Boat: Julie]: Bb (c'-d") - Kern

Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [Show Boat: Julie]: Eb (bb-f"/gb")- Kern

Climb Ev'ry Mountain [Sound of Music, The: Mother Abbess]: C (c'-f") - Rodgers

Come Home [Allegro: Marjorie]: Eb (d#'-f") - Rodgers

Falling In Love With Love [Boys from Syracuse, The: Adriana] C (d'-ab") - Rodgers

Far From the Home I Love [Fiddler on the Roof: Hodel]: C minor (c'-e") - Bock

Glad To Be Unhappy [On Your Toes: Frankie]: F (c'-d") - Rodgers

Golden Ram, The [Two By Two: Goldie]: Db (ab-c'") - Rodgers

Goodnight, My Someone [Music Man, The: Marian]: C (b-e") Willson

Green Finch and Linnet Bird [Sweeney Todd: Johanna]: F (c'-g") - Sondheim

Hello, Young Lovers [King and I, The: Anna]: D (b-d") - Rodgers

I Could Have Danced All Night [My Fair Lady: Eliza]: C (b-g") - Loewe

I Loved You Once In Silence [Camelot: Guenevere]: Gb (db'eb") - Loewe

If I Loved You [Carousel: Julie]: G (c'-gb") - Rodgers

Love, Look Away [Flower Drum Song: Helen]: Eb (d'-g") - Rodgers

Many a New Day [Oklahoma!: Laurey]: D (c#'-e") - Rodgers

Mister Snow [Carousel: Carrie]: G (d'-f#") - Rodgers

Much More [Fantasticks, The: Luisa]: G (b-f") - Schmidt

My Funny Valentine [Babes in Arms: Susie]: C# minor (c#'-e") - Rodgers

My Lord and Master [King and I, The:Tuptim]: B (d#'-a") - Rodgers

My Ship [Lady in the Dark: Liza]: F (c'-f") - Weill

My White Knight [Music Man, The: Marian]: Db (c#'-f#"/a") - Willson

No Other Love [Me and Juliet: Jeanie]: G (e'-a") - Rodgers

Not a Day Goes By [Merrily We Roll Along: Beth]: F (d'-f#") - Sondheim

Old Maid [110 in the Shade: Lizzie]: E (b-g") - Schmidt

One More Kiss [Follies: Heidi]: Db (d'-a") - Sondheim

Out of my Dreams [Oklahoma!: Laurey]: Ab (eb'-f"/bb") - Rodgers

Pirate Jenny [Threepenny Opera, The]: C (b-d") - Weill

Saga of Jenny, The [Lady in the Dark: Liza]: F (c'-e"/g") - Weill

Show Me [My Fair Lady: Eliza]: G (d'-g") - Loewe

Simple Joys of Maidenhood, The [Camelot: Guenevere]: B (b-d#") - Loewe

Smoke Gets in your Eyes [Roberta: Stephanie]: Eb (g#-f") - Kern

So in Love [Kiss Me Kate: Lilli]: A (c#'-f#") - Porter

Solomon Song [Threepenny Opera, The]: C (b-f") - Weill

Somebody, Somewhere [Most Happy Fella, The: Rosabella]: G (e'-g") - Loesser

Somehow I Never Could Believe [Street Scene: Mrs. Maurrant]: Ab (db'-a") - Weill

Something Wonderful [King and I, The:Lady Thiang]: A (c#'-f#") - Rodgers

Summertime [Porgy and Bess]: B minor (f#'-f#") - Gershwin

Surabaya Johnny [Happy End: Lilian]: C minor (c'-gb") - Weill

Ten Minutes Ago [Cinderella]: G (c#'-d") - Rodgers

That'll Show Him [Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A: Philia]: F (c'-g") - Sondheim

Till There Was You [Music Man, The: Marian]: Eb (d'-g") - Willson

Under the Tree [Celebration: Angela]: A (b-g#") - Schmidt

What Good Would the Moon Be? [Street Scene: Rose]: Eb (d'-g") - Weill

What's the Use of Wond'rin' [Carousel: Julie]: Db (c'-f") - Rodgers

Where or When [Babes in Arms: Jennifer]: G (d'-g") - Rodgers

You'll Never Walk Alone [Carousel: Nettie]: C (c'-e"/g") - Rodgers

Tags: Singing Grade 5; Singing Grade 6; Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8