Tuba Solos Vol. 1 (Just Brass)




A collection of solos for Tuba (bass clef) + piano accompaniment, arranged & edited by John Fletcher. Selected for Trinity Examinations 2019-22 Tuba Grade 2 (Group A: Sullivan - Policeman's Song, The), Grade 3 (Group A: Berlioz) & Grade 4 (Group A: Sullivan - Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast).

Berlioz - Sanctus [Grande Messe des Mortes]

Martin - Hey-Ho, Come To The Fair

Parkhurst - Variations On A Temperance Theme (Father's a Drunkard & Mother is Dead)

Schubert - Der Lindenbaum

Sullivan - When Britain Really Ruled The Waves [Iolanthe]; Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast + Policeman's Song, The [Pirates of Penzance, The]

Tags: Tuba Grade 3; Tuba Grade 4