Yamaha NP-32




A piano-style keyboard that offers a compact portable instrument with a superb sound A 76-key touch-sensitive keyboard with boxed-type keys & graded soft-touch action in a slim, light & compact design

The NP-32 is a truly portable piano-style keyboard, perfect for use in a wide variety of situations.
Graded Soft Touch keyboard:with Yamaha's Graded Soft Touch keyboard, the lower keys are heavier in touch & the higher keys are lighter, just as on an acoustic piano, whilst retaining the softer touch of a digital keyboard.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) stereo sampling: this is a system which uses sound wave data that mirrors the tone and expression of the original instrument, creating a rich and expressive sound by using multiple waveforms.

Built-in stereo speaker system: this instrument uses highly efficient amplifiers that create a poweful, natural sound from a compact speaker system.

10 voices including Natural Grand Piano: an ultra-realistic piano sound together with a selection of other instrument voices, controlled through an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard.

Dual voice - combine two voices together ( e.g. piano & strings) for greater versatility

Auto Power Off mode: the NP-32 comes with a new eco-friendly function that turns off the power automatically if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time.