Calan - Kistvaen - CD




Calan have come a long way since they began busking in the streets of Cardiff to help pay for university fees: now they perform in venues & festivals all around the world from as far afield as Canada, USA, Borneo & Australia. Winners of Best Band at the inaugural 2019 Welsh Folk Awards. This is their 5th album.

Calan are Angharad Sian Jenkins (fiddle + vocals), Bethan Rhiannon (accordion, kashaka, clogging & vocals), Patrick Rimes (fiddle, bagpipes, whistles, wurlitzer + vocals), Samiwel Elias Humphreys (guitar, mbira, percussion & vocals) & Shelley Musker Turner (harp & vocals). A kistvaen or cistvaen is a tomb or burial chamber formed from flat stone slabs in a box-like shape. If set completely underground, it may be covered by a tumulus.

Jel Caerdydd

Take it away, Simon


Cofi Contd.

'Dolig Abertawe

Song of Evan

Wayne's World

Pat the Lucky Dog

Mari Morgan


As the Night Closes In

Aur yw'r Afon



Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect £200