Purcell - Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II Volume III - CD




The Sixteen directed by Harry Christophers. Coro, 2020. BBC Music Magazine 4-star review, Dec.2020.

Purcell - Rejoice in the Lord alway (The Bell Anthem) Z.49

Chaconne "Two in One Upon a Ground" [Dioclesian Z.627]

Close Thine Eyes and Sleep Secure (Upon a Quiet Conscience) Z.184

Blow, Boreas, Blow [Sir Barnaby Whigg (or No Wit Like a Woman's) Z.589]

O All Ye People, Clap Your Hands Z.138

Catch - Come, My Hearts, Play Your Parts Z.246

Welcome Song - What Shall Be Done in Behalf of the Man? Z.341

Overture in D minor Z.771

Thy Genius, Lo! [The Massacre of Paris Z.604]

O Praise the Lord, All Ye Heathen, Z.43

Retir’d From Any Mortal’s Sight [The History of King Richard the 2nd, or The Sicilian Usurper Z.581]

Welcome Song - From Those Serene and Rapturous Joys Z.326