Menken arr. Woods - I See the Light & Healing Incantation from "Tangled" - harp




2 songs from the 2010 Disney movie "Tangled", arranged for lever or pedal harp by Sylvia Woods. Both pieces include lyrics, fingerings & lever or pedal changes. I See the Light is the love song between Rapunzel and Flynn, sung in the boat during the lantern ceremony. This 5-page intermediate arrangement is in the key of C with F & G lever changes throughout. The range is 31 strings, from the C 2 octaves below middle C up to the E 2 octaves and 2 strings above middle C. The one-page Healing Incantation is the song that Rapunzel sings when her hair creates the magic. It is in the key of 1 sharp, with G and C lever changes. It can be played by advanced beginners with experience in making lever changes. The range is 22 strings, from the E almost 2 octaves below middle C, up to the E 9 strings above middle C. It can be played on many 26-string harps, if played an octave higher than written. HL, 2014/20.