Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! - Andersson & Ulvaeus - PVG




The soundtrack to the 2018 sequel / prequel movie to the stage show / 2008 film "Mamma Mia!", again featuring the music of '70s pop sensation ABBA. Voice + piano accompaniment & guitar chords.

Andante, Andante: F (f-c”)

Angel Eyes: C (d’-f”)

Dancing Queen: A (a-d")

Day Before You Came, The: C minor (g-c”)

Fernando: A (a-g#")

I Have a Dream: Bb (f'-bb")

I Wonder (Departure): C (g-a’)

I’ve Been Waiting for You: A (b#-d”)

Kisses of Fire: F (g-d”)

Knowing Me, Knowing You: D (g-b')

Mamma Mia: D (a'-a")

My Love, My Life: C (g-e”)

Name of the Game, The: F# minor (a-c#")

One of Us: G (a-c")

Super Trouper: C (g-e")

Waterloo: D (b-d")

When I Kissed the Teacher: Eb (bb-c”)

Why did it have to be Me? : G (a-e”)