Chopin - Piano Favourites




A selection of famous piano works by Chopin arranged by Richard Harris & Pam Wedgwood at easier-intermediate level. Part of the Classic FM / Faber Full Works series, 2010.

Etude in E, ‘Tristesse’, op.10 no.3

Etude in Gb, ‘Butterfly Wings’, op.25 no.9

Mazurka in A Minor op.68 no.2

Nocturne in Db op.27 no.2

Nocturne in Eb op.9 no.2

Polonaise in A op.40 no.1, ’Military’

Prelude in A op.28 no.7

Prelude in C Minor op.28 no.20

Prelude in Db, ‘Raindrop’, op.28 no.15

Waltz in B Minor op.69 no.2

Waltz in C# Minor op.64 no.2

Waltz in Eb op.18, 'Grande Valse Brillante’